Edison Council hears year-end reports

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

EDISON — At the year’s first Edison Council meeting Jan. 11, Fiscal Officer Bruce Seaburn presented the end-of-year financial report.

Although income was down from gasoline sales tax and other government distributions, income from the sale of the four abandoned homes helped the balance show an increase for 2020.

Village Administrator Mary Neviska reported that the village sewer system finished “in the black this year.” Even with purchases for the village the receipts for sewer were $139,464.50, while the amount billed was $135,420.

In other business:

• Neviska said she will be able to do the training for GIS (Geographic Information System) mapping online and invited council members to take the course with her. The GIS mapping is for online mapping of water and sewer lines in the village.

• Council approved Ordinance 2021-01 that fixes the number and wages of employees of the village. Neviska explained that the ordinance will apply to street department staff when they have late, weekend or extended hours in an emergency.

• Council members were pleased that the Mount Gilead Fire Department responded to an illegal fire burning in the village. Council member Ruth Davis said she called in a fire that was burning on electric wires with large flames. The fire department came, but said the electric company needs to respond. The electric company has not yet responded.

They discussed that there are several places around town where electric lines are sparking and worn. Seaburn said he will put in a call to the electric company about the concerns.

• Edison Mayor Patti Feustal reported that council member Kay Cee Anderson has resigned due to her work schedule. Anyone interested in the council member’s position can contact Feustal at the village office at 419-946-9146.

Feustal gave the police report. Tickets are still being written and the police presence is felt in the village.

• Council approved payment of bills for December in the amount of $55,085. The two large amounts were for BPA (Bureau of Public Affairs/sewer system) of $25,000 and $14,970 to Ward and Tarski for asbestos abatement and other work on abandoned houses.

The next meeting of Edison Village Council is Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. in the Municipal Building at 103 N. Boundary St.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel