4550 State Route 229, Bennington Township, Bennington Area Developers to Joseph and Shirley Porter, $160,000.

1203 CR 26, Bennington Township, Kathleen Messenger to Bradley and Amanda Shields, $169,600.

4085 RE 21, Bennington Township, Gregory and Brandy Jordan to Mark and Melissa Holbrook, $309,900.

CR 26, Bennington Township, Dearfield Keystone Preservation Trust to Justin Hass, $65,000.

415 Washington St., Cardington, Marian Easlick to Mark Artz, $137,000.

418 Douglas St., Cardington, Trevor and Christerra Hinkle to Joel Sherman, $28,000.

6094 TR 22, Congress Township, Sandra Chalfant to Oak Leaf Restoration LLC, $15,000.

Lots 41-44, Congress Township, Anthony McCarty to Michelle Dubrow, $220,000.

Lots 51-52, Congress Township, Nunn Family Preservation Trust to Michael and Lorna Martin, $4,900.

Lot 75, Congress Township, Shawn Chafin to Charles and Kristi Jackson, $6,250.

Lots 236-237, Congress Township, William and Helen Capsole to Jennifer North, $7,000.

Lots 239-241, Congress Township, Daniel Turmelle and Jill Paige to John Otto and Jennifer Smith, $158,000.

Lots 64-66, Congress Township, Steven and Nancy Fensch to Daniel Perry, $334,000.

CR 14, Franklin Township, Phillip and Mary Beth Webb to Shawn Webb, et al, $98,928.

7454 TR 120, Franklin Township, Melinda Rademacher to Bryan Anderson and Ginny Fowler, $160,000.

Lot 357, Franklin Township, Theodore and Julia Julian to David Bertschi, $1,000.

113 Boundary St., Edison, Jason and Kamber Hampton to Kyle Fleming and Desirea Freshcorn, $134,400.

5101 State Route 42, Gilead Township, Russell and Kimberly Joan to Mark and Kimberly Lemmon, $276,620.

State Route 61, Gilead Township, Michael Carano to Kyle and Kathryn Carpenter, $26,900.

State Route 42, Gilead Township, Sam and Katie Troyer to Tianyu Ma and Xu Mingyuan, $74,900.

889 Meadow Drive, Mount Gilead, Stephen and Devera Ritz to Dugas Dental Realty LLC, $375,000.

W. High St., Mount Gilead, Seycheles Ltd. to Ellis Brothers, $30,000.

165 N. Main, Mount Gilead, Sue Ann Hershner Revocable Trust to Marjorie Bowman, $252,500.

4961 TR 191, Harmony Township, Douglas and Bobie Goodman to Cole Music and Chelsie Gray, $404,900.

4465 CR 124, Harmony Township, Joseph and Miranda Ulrey to 365Land LLC, $232,000.

3484 CR 159, Lincoln Township, Randy Taylor to Manuel Rizzo, $8,000.

CR 159, Lincoln Township, James and Jeanette Nichols to Cinda Thatcher, $164,000.

2534 CR 25, Lincoln Township, Barbara Henthorne and Janice Clinger to Ibrahaim and Crystal Von Schubert, $96,000.

3811 TR 169, Lincoln Township, Anna Mea Boyd, et al to Homer and Valerie Bartram, $40,000.

CR 25, Lincoln Township, Barbara Henthorne and Janice Clinger to Mark and Deborah Mauri, $132,000.

CR 25, Lincoln Township, Barbara Henthorne and Janice Clinger to John and Elizabeth Brooks, $59,000.

133 W. Main St., Fulton, Chad Ballard to Charles Cooper, $108,700.

CR 22, Perry Township, Dannie and Amanda Troyer to Daniel and Malinda Schlabach, $215,000.

7688 State Route 42, Perry Township, Willard and Pari Fissell to Troy and Jennifer Dallman, $195,000

7207 State Route 42, Perry Township, Michelle Rasberry to Raymond Rheinbolt, $155,000.

1367 CR 218, Peru Township, Olivia Krohmer to Kathleen Messenger, $300,000.

1151 CR 218, Peru Township, Gregory Hilty to Robert and Amanda Weaver, $235,000.

1129 TR 198, South Bloomfield Township, Matthew Ruhl to Charles Prince and Mia Centofanti, $270,000.

7148 CR 37, Troy Township, Drew and Ashley Sickmiller to Bailee and Korbyn Huston, $254,900.

7511 CR 37, Troy Township, Delong Family Living Trust to Michael and Pamela Hull, $96,293.

7394 State Route 97, Troy Township, Lakeview MHC, LLC to Lakeview MHP, LLC, $3,775,000.

7266 CR 57, Troy Township, Michael and Christine Lilly to Stacy and Morgan Volz, $28,000.

3690 TR 49, Washington Township, Thalia Hoak to TA Surprkse Properties, LLC, $59,900.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor