Chamber Featured Member: Bunker’s Mill Winery

By Anthony Conchel - [email protected]

Sipping a glass of wine in an historic location.

That’s what Bunker’s Mill Winery, which opened its doors June 22, 2018, offers its patrons. It is named, appropriately enough, after Isaac Bunker, the first settler in the area that is now known as Cardington.

Winemaker Jerry Newell and Winery Manager Rick Mitchell operate the downtown business.

“Rick was a manager at a winery in Columbus. Once I saw how the operation worked and how easy it was to make wine, I thought I’d try it as well,” Newell said.

The winery has about 20 varieties of wine from sweet fruit flavors to big, bold dry red wines.

“We had plenty of people who have come in and said they weren’t wine drinkers. I would always respond, ‘You haven’t tried the right ones.’”

The natural progression for most people is to start with a sweet wine and work their way toward the dry ones, Newell said.

“We offer a wine flight, which is four samples of two ounces each. You can try it for $8 and see which ones you like. That way you’re not spending on a whole bottle of wine that you end up dumping down the drain because you don’t like it.”

You can buy it by the glass or purchase a bottle to take home. They also make custom labels for your wine as well as to give as a gift.

The winery has various seating options: The Tasting Room, the Mill Room and The Patio.

Seating is available for groups of four in the Tasting Room.

Table seating is available in the Mill Room for groups of two or four. When health orders allow, the Mill Room is available for group rentals that can seat 30 comfortably.

The Patio provides seating overlooking the tree-lined banks of the Whetstone Creek. Plans include adding a basement space.

“The community has really supported us,” Newell said.

Contact: 102 E. Main St., Cardington; [email protected]; 419-560-9854. Hours: Tuesday through Friday 6- 9 p.m. Saturday 1-9 p.m.

By Anthony Conchel

[email protected]