CR 26, Michael Linkous to Baylee Mesmer and Reida Chase, Bennington Township, $35,000.

99 CR 26, Bennington Township, Emory and Diane Jones to Todd and Andrea Albertston, $92,500.

122 SR 61, Bennington Township, Craig and Laura Adams to Ron Deitch, $305,000.

54 TR 210, Bennington Township, FFLH Ltd. to Jacob and Britnie Weaver, $54,248.

CR 170, Bennington Township, Jesse and Megan Dulebohn to Joseph and Courtney Nunn $290,000.

CR 206, Bennington Township, CountryTyme Land Specialists Ltd. to Michael and Jodi Lewis, $90,000.

26 E. Noble St., Marengo, Judith Pyles to Kyle and Faith Couch, $115,000.

2040 CR 59, Canaan Township, Richard Thompson to Jason Martin, $85,000.

SR 309, Canaan Township, Ralph and Margaret Lyon to Cody and Megan Higley, $175,848.

123 Gilead St., Cardington, Timothy and Patricia Hack to Noah Scott $128,800.

S. Third St, Cardington, Lori Vance to GeraldBeck, $58,000.

108 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 LP to Jacqueline Ioffredo, $104,313.

6329 CR 191, Chester Township, Dennis and Deborah Tarbert to Jordan and Nicole Houghton, $334,000.

77 Portland St., Chesterville, Nicholas and Katelyn Vaugh to Alexander Good, $161,900.

6107 CR 59, Congress Township, Julie Conley to Mark and Susan Kaczor, $36,000.

Lots 8-9, Congress Township, Edward Dwyer to Chris Bingham, $20,000.

Lot 200, Congress Township, Jeffrey and Becky Schlageter to Michael and Carol Wanzek-Brown, $180,000.

Lots 13-14, Congress Township, Deborah Tulloss to Michael and Tina Gabler, $20,000.

Lot 179, Congress Township, Deborah Tulloss to John and Bernadette Romelfanger, $170,000.

Lots 325-328, Congress Township, Moon Dog Enterprises LLC to Montgomery and Prertthida King, $40,000.

Lots 116-117, Congress Township, Daniel and Judith Hannon to John and Brittany Curtis, $13,650.

Lots 365-366, Congress Township, Frank Bekeleski to Floyd and Trudy Crawford, $10,000.

Lots 175-176, Congress Township, William and Nancy Cruse to Ken and Norma Main, $5,000.

Lots 258-259, Congress Township, Jonathan and Brooke Sweeney to Adotevi and Christina Akueka, $175,000.

Lots 291-292, Congress Township, John and Nancy London to Terry and Ashley Fowler, $534,000.

Lot 44, Congress Township, Brenda Severance to Jeffrey and Emily Sell, $319,000.

4011 TR 178, Franklin Township, Dianne Russell to James and Deborah Murphy, $225,257.

7076 CR 14, Franklin Township, Douglas Chapman et al to Russell and Rose Ann Stauffer, $82,000.

TR 96, Franklin Township, David, Dorothy and Mark Perdue to Richard Biggs, $80,000.

5925 TR 14, Franklin Township, Roger and Jacquelyn Mack to Donald Decatur, $336,000.

5461 TR 103, Gilead Township, Stanley and Morine Bowen to Derek Jackson, $50,000.

5467 TR 104, Gilead Township, Larry and Emily Leonhard to Jonathan Eagen, $235,000.

SR 61, Gilead Township, Sam and Katie Troyer to Drew Brown, $280,000.

508 W. Marion Road, Mount Gilead, Sharons Properties LLC to DM Originals LLC, $164,882.

221 Union St., Mount Gilead, Bryan Lancaster to Eduardo and Lesley Sepeda, $161,500.

75 Union St., Mount Gilead, BLM Rentals LLC to Tara Stout, $140,000.

46 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, BNR Farms II LLC to Justin and Madeline Travis, $215,000.

773 Westview Drive, Mount Gilead, Robin Snopik to Wendy Jones, $150,000.

2522 CR 170, Harmony Township, Cynthia Lauer to Tyler Schmidt and Olivia Wamsley, $310,000.

4760 TR 232, Harmony Township, David Steinmetz to Joseph and Taylor Crum, $210,000.

3184 CR 168, Harmony Township, Donald Soulier to Kevin and Amanda Farson, $737,000.

4059 TR 161, Lincoln Township, Margaret VanHouten to Timothy Hass, $30,000.

300 W. High St., Fulton, Jeffrey King to Charles Fruge, $139,000.

7943 TR 50, North Bloomfield Township, Jacob and Carolyn Williams Trust to Gary and Stephanie Eicorn, $1,450,000.

7105 TR 8, North Bloomfield Township, US Bank National Association to Howard Jefferies, $40,000.

7890 TR 95, Perry Township, Ivan and Judy Yoder to Samuel and Nancy Hershberger, $195,000.

2244 SR 229, Perry Township, Michael and Shelley Hinkle to Titan and Thomasina Kingery, $350,000.

TR 166 and 21, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company to Thomas and Janice Dewitt, $67,000.

1670 CR 166, Peru Township, Edward and Irene Pendleton to Andrew Rowland, $212,000.

7097 TR 15, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Frances Morrison to Tyler Brigode and Jamie Payne, $253,000.

6969 CR 19, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Charlotte Bradford to Justin Scarborough and Madison Bradford, $125,000.

2 N. Church St., Sparta, Enoch and Michelle Adkins to Jason and Melinda Ross, $190,000.

4 S. Church St., Sparta, William and Bertha Neeld to Shane and Natalie Miller, $130,000.

9495 TR 4, Troy Township, Sara J. Wooldridge trustee to Thomas and Lori Barbee, $440,000.

TR 4, Troy Township, Delong Family Living Trust to Jake Boner and Ellen Petulla, $12,370.

TR 4, Troy Township, Delong Family Living Trust to Michael Swanger and Emily Sorrenti, $55,348.

8104 SR 61, Washington Township, Kenneth Enderle to Eileen Reed, $70,000.

TR 147, Westfield Township, Daniel and Lisa Ebert to Jerry Harris, $191,700.