Cardington sets fall clean-up day

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Fall clean-up day will be held in Cardington on Thursday, Oct. 22. The date was determined when Cardington Village Council met Monday, Sept. 21.

Residents can take their trash to the Williams Street site on that day between noon and 6 pm.

In other matters:

• Council approved payment of bills totaling $101,258.81 and included payment to Kirk Bros for the WSRLA Loan Disbursement #11 WTP in the amount of $76,939.94.

• Fiscal Officer Deb Fry said the RITA Tax collections received this month exceeds last year. She also reminded council the village had applied for a matching Trench Grant in March, 2020. This grant pays for 80 percent of the cost of a trench box, safety equipment the village currently does not have. On Sept. 8, the village was notified it is being awarded that grant.

• The cost of the equipment totaled $9,329 and the BWC has already deposited into the village accounts their portion totaling $7,463.20 leaving a balance to be paid by the village of $1,865.80.

• Approved an ordinance authorizing the fiscal officer to write off as uncollectable certain utility bills and to reflect the same on the village financial documents was approved. This includes utility accounts at nine different village addresses.

• Fire Chief Gary Goodman reported 184 runs this year which are up from last year. He noted that Floyd Morris and his wife had removed all the flags from graves in Glendale Cemetery as they were deteriorating.

Goodman said several flags in the downtown area had also been removed for the same reason. Hw said Fire Prevention Week will be observed, but not as in the past when children visited the fire house. Because of the COVID-19 virus, he said the department is considering giving the grade school students masks or something related.

• Mayor Susie Peyton, Police Chief James Wallace and SRO Jason Kiefer had met with the Cardington-Lincoln School principals regarding the duties of SRO Kiefer.

• Village Administrator Danny Wood said the drive and parking area of the renovated water plant has been repaved, which marks the completion of that project. He said the contractor had done an excellent job on the drive.

• A discussion on Maxwell Park revealed that with all the improvements the park can be used for picnics, walks, etc. Mayor Peyton described the renovated park as being ‘really nice” and suggested a ribbon cutting ceremony be held next spring.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel