C-L Schools awarded 3-year grant

When the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education met in regular session on May 11, Supt Brian Petrie said, “We are very fortunate to be awarded the Elementary Counseling grant for 2015-2018.”

The grant totals $960,000 for the three year period, or $320,000 a year and will help in the funding of a K-6 guidance counselor and a K-6 Social Worker.

Petrie also explained the Summer Meals Program, which will begin June 8, when youths ages 1-18 will be served from the pool location, regardless of economic status. Adults who choose to eat a lunch will be charged $3.

“We are in the planning stages of organizing a food back pack for kids to take home on Friday,” said Petrie. This and the proposed food back pack were discussed at a community meeting held earlier in the month.

Supt Petrie acknowledged an anonymous donation of $140 towards the publication of the new quarterly school newsletter. He said the letter would be placed on the school web site and will be sent to parents in the district. He noted it was a huge undertaking and complimented the volunteers who composed the letter including the teachers and especially Molly Clinger.

He complimented the school softball team who earned the MOAC Champion-ship (Blue Division) with a 14-0 record and an overall record of 26-3. He also credited Coach Tod Brininger for leading the team.

The board approved payment of bills totaling $1,017.793.93 written on warrant checks 858681 to 86055.

Also approved were:

—The voluntary Student Accident Insurance Program for F2016 with Griffin Insurance (District Treasurer Scott Osborne said this is something done every year- it is available for students to purchase their own insurance at their own cost )

—The contract with Andrews Insurance as Insurance Consultant Services

—Participation in the Ohio School Comp 2016 Workers Compensation Group Rating Program for January 2016-December 2016 ( A good couple years has reduced the cost, said Osborne)

Referencing the Five Year Forecast, Osborne said the first draft was approved May, 2015 and he reviewed changes since the first of the year. He said the anticipated balance has dropped $60,000 since the salaries were higher and employees insurance benefits up a little higher. He added that purchase services went up. Higher than anticipated revenue came from general property tax and UV collection and estimated income tax was down about $70,000 over what was anticipated. Still anticipated is what will come out of the House Bill’s biennial budget and a possible “chunk of money.”

Under Personnel, the board accepted the resignation of Jan Branham, aide, effective May 28, 2015.

Approved was the restoration of the following classified positions effective August 1, 2015: EMIS secretary, 1.0 and Intermediate secretary, each 1.0 FTE (11 months). These positions were combined during the RIF.

Also restored by the board were the positions of a K-12 art teacher on a 184 day teacher contract and a kindergarten 184 day teacher.

The following certified positions were established that will be funded through the Elementary Guidance Grant: K-6 Guidance 184 day teacher contract and K-6 Social Worker, 184 day contract.

The following certified staff contracts were renewed: Colleen Biederman, Cole Randolph, Janice Cheek, Jake Mories, Carrie Jefferey, Krista Betti, Mary Hughes, Beverly Segars, Heather Hale, Sarah Flanagan, Jerry Williams, Kendra Mosher, Beau Wolford and Danielle Castillo, each one year; Alison Kyrk, Jeremy Tomassetti, Pauline Whitesel and Troy King, each three years and Angela Kasper, continuing.

Also approved was the employment of the following classified staff: Brian Daniels, Kristen Faust, Laura Carrigan, and Kylee Wagner, aides each two years; Linda Christy, aide, pre school; two years; Dave Leonard aide- bus, two years; Carol Holt, assistant cook, two years; Colton Sherman, Jack Ames and Alan Long, custodian, each two years; Tammy Hinkle, bus driver, two years; Bonnie Dailey, aide – pre school, and Linda Brininger, aide, each continuing.

Employment of the following exempt classified staff members was approved: Tracey Zavansky, administrative assistant to the superintendent; Tonya Boyd, assistant treasurer and John Nippert, facilities and operations manager, each three years.

The contract of Lois Bennett, aide (186 days) was modified from 7 hours a day to eight hours a day for 2015-2016.

The list of graduating seniors was approved by the board.

Membership in the Ohio High School Athletic Association for the 2015-2016 year was approved. The board also approved a resolution in support of “complaint to terminate” the Harry Mock Trust. Supt Petrie explained that this termination will “free up” scholarhip money because it was limited to the interest and there is no interest anymore and this will allow them to get into the principal for the scholarship money.

Approved were Occupational Therapy services for grades K-12 through Rentz Therapy, up to 30 hours per week at $46 per hours per week; Rentz Therapy, up to 21 hours per week at $46 per hour; Speech Therapy Services for grades K-12 with vendor Deb Romas and Associates, up to 33.75 hours per week at $62 per hour and Speech Therapy Services, Pre school, with Deb Romas and Associates, up to 18.75 hours per week at $62 per hour.

The following classified substitute was approved: Dorothy Saunders, sub custodian and the list submitted of certified MOESC substitutes were approved at the board approved substitute teacher rate of pay.

The board approved teacher stipends for the Resident Educator Program for the following resident educator mentors: Kirsten Ebert, Jodi Brown, Molly Clinger, Heather Hale, Tonya Bonnette and Donna Kill.

Jodi Adams was employed as a tutor for extended school year services (May 11 to Sept. 1, 2015).

Petrie said he is working with the Tomorrow Center and their board in finalizing the sponsorship agreement that would be sponsored by our district and would include a lease agreement for the building that is the intermediate and the cost of using the building and the services that would go with it.

Petrie explained the reason for raising the cost of the lunch for the intermediate school students from $2.50 to $2.75.

Winding up this meeting, Jim Clinger, board member, complimented four high school members and their advisor, Jennifer Price, for their appearance on the Brain Game (On WBNS Channel 10).

Board president Chuck Jones said “Hats off to everyone in the district who make it happen – good school year -and we’re looking for bigger and better things next year.”

Vickie Kerman referenced breakfasts to be served next year and Marilyn Davis said she enjoyed the Brain Game, too.

This meeting adjourned after 45 minutes and entered into executive session at 7:45 pm based on ORC 121.22 (G) (1) to consider the employment of a public employee or official and ORC (121.22(G) (2) (6), to consider confidential information related to the marketing plans, specific business strategy, production techniques, trade secrets, or personal financial statements of an applicant for economic, development assistance or to negotiations with other political subdivisions respecting requests for economic development assistance.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]