Cardington tax renewal levy clarified

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Members of Cardington Village Council approved a tax renewal of an existing five year (1.5 mills) for the village in excess of a 10-mill limitations when they met July 6.

Fiscal Officer Deb Fry explained that when the resolution for the fire department levy was being sent to the county auditor, she realized she had missed an expense levy renewal for the village.

Thus the need for this resolution, which was unanimously approved.

In other business, council:

• Approved payment of bills totaling $26,106.29.

• Approved appointment of Shane Collins to fill the vacancy for a volunteer fireman with the Cardington Fire Department, effective July 6.

• Approved an ordinance authorizing appropriations and supplemental appropriations following the third reading.

• Approved a resolution certifying to the county auditor for inclusion on the tax duplicate the amounts owed to the village for delinquent water and sewer charges. Total amount of the owed funds is $260.31.

• Police Chief James Wallace reported the department had taken a total of 86 calls for service during the month of June. He said Lt. Winkler is training with the detectives from the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and the department assisted with the fireworks show at the high school on June 27.

He added that Officer Hall is receiving training online with a class called Street Smart and it covers illegal narcotics in a 13-part series.

• Mayor Susie Peyton commented that cancellations have been made of reservations made for both the Community Park shelter house and the Maxwell Park shelter house due to the COVID-19 virus. She noted that rest rooms at both sites will not be open.

• Approved a motion related to the Friends of Cardington sponsored band performance in the Community Park on July 13.

• Council will meet next on July 20.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel