Cardington declares state of emergency

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Meeting for the first time in nearly a month, Village Council considered a wide ranging agenda on April 13.

Mayor Susie Peyton issued a Declaration of a State of Emergency for the village.

She noted this was done on a county-wide basis. Acting on the advice of counsel this declaration was made “just in case in the future it could help us if we apply for money to cover expenses incurred during this time.”

The first page of the declaration will be posted on the village web site and on the front door of the municipal building.

In other business:

• Deb Fry, Fiscal Officer, gave an in depth review of the village’s finances from March. She said total revenue received in March exceeded the same period last year by $9,367.31, but interest declined from 2019 to 2020. She also gave a cash summary by fund for March, 2020. The Star Ohio interest rates took a deep decline due to COVID-19, dropping from 1.51 percent to 0.93 percent.

• The virus’ impact will affect income tax collections for the village, too, she said, referencing a projection because of the delay from individual and net profit businesses due to the extended tax filing deadline and a loss of individual taxes and employer withholding due to businesses that have closed or reduced staff.

She submitted to council those figures in individual taxes estimated delay ($27,000) and individual taxes, estimated loss ($4,100) with a net profit loss of $64,400. She said this number could be higher depending upon the status of Cardington Yutaka.

• Council approved payment of bills totaling $313,693.88 for April 6 and $23,801.70 for April 13. The former includes Kirk Brothers for the water treatment plant project in the amount of $268,119.75.

• Approved an ordinance authorizing the village administrator or fiscal officer to execute the FC Bank Loan on behalf of the village for the purchase of the Sutphen Custom Pumper with heavy-duty Monarch Chassis complete fire engine.

• Council approved the mayor’s and village administrator’s recommendation for the elimination of the position of part-time afternoon utility clerk for the village.

• Danny Wood, Village Administrator, said the directors of the Mount Gilead and Cardington Water Treatment plants exchange visits so they can each be aware of the specific operations in the case of an emergency.

• Wood said work is about to start on updating the electric in the Community Building and in the Shelter House at Maxwell Park.

He added that the water valves, as mandated by EPA, are being exercised on a regular basis and the village has purchased equipment to allow them to do that. The village will note each valve exercise completion in the village’s GIS System.

• A new fire hydrant has been installed at the water treatment plant and a replacement has been installed at North Fourth and State Route 529.

• New batteries have been installed in the control box at the village traffic light, he said.

• Council agreed to fund flowers for the village in the amount of $500. Peyton said there will be hanging baskets and boxes throughout the village again. The remaining cost will be funded by donations.

• Village solicitor Jim Dietz was present at this meeting through the Zoom connection.

• Council’s next meeting has not been scheduled.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel