Reflections: Original articles from the archives

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

Once again, I want to share some articles, (questionable in their reality) from past newspapers.

For instance, here is one from the Morrow County Sentinel dated March 24, 1858 titled, “New Enterprise in Cardington:” “We learn that a wealthy company of Frenchman have purchased ground and are getting ready to erect five hundred large buildings in Cardington for the purpose of purchasing and preparing Frogs for the French Market.

The swampy nature of the land surrounding Cardington and its nearness to Shaw Creek render the location a very desirable one for the purpose of the French Compound and we congratulate our neighbors upon their good luck in securing the location of so extensive an enterprise in their midst.

Bloonk! Bloonk!

• Another dated October 6, 1858: Taxes for 1858 (Land Taxes Notice) In pursuance of a Statute passed by the Legislature of last winter, all taxes amounting to five dollars and under, are required to be paid in GOLD or SILVER.

These notices, which I’m sure are spoofs, were in huge print. I can only conclude that there was very little news those weeks.

On another note: “Oil leases from Canaan, Cardington and Peru Townships have been received at the recorder’s office in lar• e numbers during the past week. The leases are being secured by the A. R. P Miller Co of Columbus; The Logan Co and W. G. Lefever, of Mount Gilead. This notice was not in 1969, but 101 years ago, 1919.

• Another story was titled “The Sinister Drug Menace” and focused on the use of habit forming drugs and the arrest of 900 persons by New York Police for the use of these drugs. “This means that law abiding society is facing a human element new and exceedingly dangerous; so grave, in fact, that one of the most important duties of the police lies in stamping out this traffic.”

Guess what, this wasn’t in today’s paperm but in one dated 100 years ago, 1920.

Next week: The history of the Dreamland Theater in Cardington.

70 years ago, March, 1950: Mrs James Long of northeast of Cardington had a hen that produced non-skid eggs. The hen’s eggs were large but also highly beveled! Mrs. Humbert Sarcone and her daughter, Dorothy Benson, and the latter’s son, Roger, set sail for Italy where they expected to spend six months visiting relatives.

60 years ago, 1960: Wayne Jenkins announced plans to open a coin-operated laundry with 20 washing machines and six dryers sometime soon in Cardington.

50 years ago, 1970: Ohio license tags in the colors of scarlet and gray were sold by Jack Wilhelm, deputy registrar for Cardington, at Wilhelm and sons Hardware. Numbers assigned to the Cardington license bureau ranged between R7204 to R8450.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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Reach us at [email protected]