Commissioners ask Ohio Supreme Court to dismiss lawsuit brought by former hospital board member

Staff Report

MOUNT GILEAD — The Morrow County Commissioners have filed a Motion asking the Ohio Supreme Court to dismiss the lawsuit brought by former Morrow County Hospital Board member Patrick Drouhard.

The former hospital board member had sued the Morrow County Commissioners in the Ohio Supreme Court to prevent his removal hearing from proceeding. Because his term on the hospital board has now expired, the lawsuit is now pointless and should be dismissed, a news release from the commissioners states.

“Patrick Drouhard’s lawsuit against the Morrow County Commissioners had no merit to begin with,” Morrow County Commissioner Tom Whiston said. “As commissioners, all we’ve ever asked of our taxpayer-owned hospital is accountability and transparency. Now that Mr. Drouhard’s term on the board has expired, there’s no reason for the lawsuit to continue at taxpayer expense and we’re confident the Ohio Supreme Court will agree to dismiss it.”

Mr. Drouhard was appointed to a 6-year term on the hospital board on March 5, 2014. By law, his term lasted until 12 a.m. on March 1, 2020.

Yesterday, (Monday, March 2) the Morrow County Commissioners and the Morrow Common Pleas Court Judge held a public meeting to appoint a new member to the hospital board. Joe Dreyer was appointed to the vacant seat on the hospital board at the meeting.

“Joe Dreyer is a longtime Morrow County resident who owns his own business,” Whiston added. “He’ll be a great advocate for our taxpayer-owned hospital and a champion of transparency and accountability.”

The Motion can be found here:

Staff Report