C-L directory being updated

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — It has been 20 years since the directory for Cardington-Lincoln High School was published.

Thanks to the inspiration and expertise of then Elementary School Principal Rich Cullen and the technology director, Christie Short, many have made positive responses to the efforts of the people who helped make that book happen.

Since then there have been 19 updates which could be added to that main book. With the development of technology it is time to put all the pieces into one book to be the last printed book of the CLHS alumni.

During the past 20 years there have been many graduates who have moved far and near that we would like to trace. The goal is to have as many updates in the new book as possible from all classes, especially e-mail addresses.

The book must be in the publisher’s hands by March so if you have any addresses of Cardington-Lincoln High School graduates that are to be correct in the new book, please send them to Linda Ruehrmund, 358 East Main Street, Cardington, OH 43315.

Those who are interested in being part of this project, should contact Ruehrmund.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel