Actor with local ties launches film academy

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

Clint Ward

Clint Ward

Clint Ward, going over the script with a student.

Clint Ward, of Carmel, California has roots in Morrow County and has launched his new company, The California Academy of Film.

The mission is to teach as many local high school students the basic fundamentals in filmmaking and then eventually showcase their work at the annual Carmel International Film Festival.

Ward, the son of Mike Ward, Highland High School graduate living near Bellville, said he has a vision of encouraging students to explore their own identity while expressing themselves through the art of motion pictures, developing professional film skills, learning the power of collaboration, recognizing diversity and all while building their own core values.

Ward said the Academy is currently working on the production of a three minute “sizzle reel” of the winning screenplay within the annual 2015 Carmel International Film Festival slated to take place October 21-25. Ward explained that a “sizzle reel” is a video representation of the script.

He said he hopes to produce his first project “Get a Real Job,” in the near future. Ward has written two full features “Ordinary Days,” and “Sea Weed” that he has submitted for production.

He is an actor both in local theater and CSUMB short student films and was spotted in those by Clint Eastwood, who cast him in several movies, including “Changeling,” “Gran Torino,” and “Jersey Boys.”

With these experiences he ventured into broadening his own skills in the Film Industry.

Referring to Eastwood as “Big Clint,” Ward noted the way he has perfected producing, directing, acting and composing within each of his films. Ward stated he hopes he can do a fraction of what Eastwood does – “the key is to keep working with it,” he said.

Ward is currently working at Eastwood’s private golf course, Tehama Golf Club, as the Fitness Director.

Partnering with Mitch Zotovich who earned his BA in film from CSUMB, Ward said the two hope to mentor more students within a classroom.

More can be learned by checking or follow him on Facebook.

Ward is the grandson of the late Wilma Kinsell and visited Morrow County often. He is a nephew of Rosetta Ohler of Mount Gilead.

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Clint Ward Ward

Clint Ward, going over the script with a student. Ward, going over the script with a student.

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel