Reflections: A few snippets from the past

By Evelyn Long - Contributing Columnist

We are all familiar with the Civil War Monument in Glendale Cemetery, but I wonder how many have noticed the 20-foot cross standing alongside it.

This cross was erected in the mid 1990s by the Marine Corps League with headquarters in Columbus. Members of that league were contacted by a member of the Jenkins-Vaughan Post 97 of the American Legion in Cardngton.

The goal of the Belleau Wood Detachment of the league was to “remind both today’s population and the future generations how sweet freedom is and of the lessons that were taught of freedom as so many have given their lives for its preservation.”

The 20-foot cross was assembled by Cardington’s Charlie Albright at his Wood ‘N Craft Store in the village and made of 4 x 4 lumber, treated and painted white. The Glendale Cemetery board gave their permission for the cross’ erection which was dedicated at a later date.

The three men who positioned the cross were all veterans of World War II and two of them served in the same platoon on Okinawa during that 82-day battle. The cross is topped with a Marine helmet.

• Another snippet is taken from the local paper dated 42 years ago shortly after Christmas. There is a story with photo of Bob Mathews, owner of the Mathews Service Station, seated in a sleigh, the gift given to him by his wife, Joanne.

The sleigh was equipped with a foot warmer. Painted all black it was also equipped with sleigh bells, a gift from his brother-in-law Ralph King, now deceased. The lantern was an old railroad lantern carried in the early 1920’s by Ferris Riggs, husband of Joanne’s aunt, Hilda Riggs.

At the time, Joanne said she thought the sleigh was built by the Cardington Buggy works then located on East Second Street prior to 1900.

• Finally, the editor of the local paper had his “poison pen” out in an 1897 edition in which he writes “Cardington has an electric light plant that is a delight to the people. Mount Gilead is afflicted with an inferior one, but there are some people profane enough to say that town is prettier when the lights are out.”

Tsk Tsk.

Then, in the very next paragraph, he attacks his own village.

“Cardington has little frame building stuck right down in the business center of the town and they are kindling wood and tinder boxes inviting fire at any time.”

Interesting times.

90 years ago: Named as librarians for 1930 for the Cardington Public Library Association were Miss Gertrude Mack and Miss Estalla Payne.

80 years ago: Albert W. Klingel, a Cardington Township trustee since 1928, announced his candidacy for Morrow County Commissioner at the May primary.

60 years ago: Dunham Brothers Realtors listed a 5-room home on a big lot on North Marion Street for the low price of $3,800.

By Evelyn Long

Contributing Columnist

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