Coming up at Headwaters in September

Marilyn Weiler - HOEC Volunteer

In Moods of the Ohio Moons, Merrill Gilfillan said, “September is the herald of autumn; it holds the richness of summer while introducing the elegance of fall . Native Americans named it the time of the Harvest Moon, Golden Moon, Goldenrod Moon, Moon When Birds Fly Away, and Yellow Leaf Moon. All very descriptive of nature as it ends summer and “September slips down the river” as the old saying goes.

The bane berries and ramps that were identified in the spring now appear as leafless stalks with “dolls eyes” and buckshot looking clusters and often must be looked up again. The jack who stood straight in his pulpit has morphed into a large, bright red seed cluster.

The Harvest Moon of these times presides over farmers getting in their crops, but in yester year it also meant gathering the nuts, fruits, roots and game that were available in the countryside.

In Ohio, it’s very timely that the buckeye trees are losing their leaves and showing a good crop of those “eyes of the buck” that are so prized just as the football season begins.

The Headwaters Outdoor Education Center Board has planned several fall activities to help the public become more acquainted with the Center. There will be a booth at the Morrow County Fair in building 17 at the southeast corner of the racetrack. The Morrow County Farm Bureau and the Northern Olentangy Watershed will join together there to remind us that were all in this together. HOEC will also be taking part in Earth Day at the Fair on the small stage the afternoon of September 2 from 3:30 to 6:00 pm.

The WEE Discover preschool will begin on Thursday, September 10 with sessions at 10:15 am and 12:45 pm. Three, four and five year olds will meet each week to learn about nature through short hikes, hands-on activities, songs and stories. The program runs through October 29.

Mushrooms and other fungi will be the topic of the September 22 program at the Center at 6:00 pm. Jeff Wilkinson will be provide basic information and identification and discuss growing shiitake mushrooms.

Coinciding with the fall equinox the next morning, September 23 at 8:20 am, the Headwaters Board and the Mt. Gilead Tree Board invite everyone to begin work on an Arboretum at Headwaters.

More information will follow about the night program on October 24.

The Headwaters Outdoor Education Center is a Morrow County facility located on at 151 Home Road (County Road 76) just north of the Morrow County Sheriff’s Department. It is administered by the Morrow Soil and Water Conservation District and a volunteer board. Everyone is invited to enjoy the property, take part in activities, and help with maintenance and programming.

Marilyn Weiler

HOEC Volunteer