Families in Recovery program approach to treating problems

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Chronic substance abuse continues to have devastating effects in central Ohio. Although concerned others are often motivated to get help in persuading the substance abuser to seek treatment, they are often in dire need of help themselves. These negative effects include declines in psychological and social adjustment, deterioration in relationships, loss of family cohesion, and increased interpersonal conflict, including domestic violence.

Maryhaven has just completed two years of providing both individual counseling and family counseling services through the Families in Recovery Program that has offered a unique way that families can access services even if their family member is not currently in treatment with Maryhaven.

An integral part of Maryhaven’s Families in Recovery Program is the twelve week educational program that helps families understand the complexity of addiction and helps them develop positive skills to deal with the complex issues they face by increasing understanding of the disease of addiction and the recovery and the process of:

• Rebuilding trust and accountability through honest communication and behavior changes that support family recovery and healing.

• Creating personalized recovery plans for each family member.

• Identifying early family relapse warning signs and developing mutually agreed upon relapse prevention and early relapse response plans.

• Coordinating communication with the treatment team and involving the family in aftercare planning.

• Learning how to support each other in recovery.

Family Group meets once per week for 12 weeks in 120-minute sessions. Meetings are 5-7 p.m. on Tuesday at 245 Neil Ave. Mount Gilead. Phone: 419-946-6734.

An unlimited number of family members are able to enter the group during any session.

Submitted story