1089, 1095 CR 26, Bennington Township, Marengo Storage to Marengo Storage LLC, $463,500.

4195 CR 15, Bennington Township, William Sterritt to Timothy Hass, $80,000.

4960 TR 211, Bennington Township, Richard Briskey to John and Davis and Brandon Groves, $432,500.

5344 GF 211, Bennington Township, Timothy Hass to Jeffrey and Kathy Stough, $335,000.

TR 191, Bennington Township, Ronald Babbs to James and Pamela Walker, $113,597.

12 Noble St., Marengo, James and Pamela Walker to Michael and Jamie Henson, $253,000.

4090 TR 138, Cardington Township, Lance and Sharon Levitsky to Phillip Schirtzinger, $177,500.

2770 CR 137, Cardington Township, Andrew Orecchio to Cynthia Mollohan, $69,000.

4476 TR 66, Cardington Township, Gary Hill to Len McComas, $105,000.

109 Morgan St., Cardington, Jeffrey Owens to Samuel Skipworth, $135,000.

600 Park St., Cardington, Stephen and Rose Tindall to Joshua and Kaitlind Harris, $205,000.

328 Waterford Place, Cardington, Douglas and Bobie Goodman to Courtney Clinedinst, $189,000.

TR 190, Chester Township, Cecil Dailey to Dale Minyo et al, $99,700.

Lot 174, Congress Township, Timothy and Denise Clark to David and Sabina McCafferty, $57,000.

Lot 342, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Michael and Carole Grossens, $2,250.

Lots 145, 146, 147, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to David and Erica Romans, $10,500.

Lot 151, Congress Township, Donald and Connie Melton to Richard and Tonia Barlow, $3,300.

Lot 184, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Richard and Janette Anderson, $3,000.

Lot 183, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to William and Lisa Grubb, $2,000.

Lots 52, 53, 54, Congress Township, John and Christine Pace to Joseph and Bonnie Reilly, $485,000.

Lots 235, 236, Congress Township, Richard and Patricia Miller to Larry and Damaris Olepfner, $19,000.

6450 CR 121, Franklin Township, Micah and Tanya Gayhart to Timothy Corwin, $98,000.

5815 TR 14, Franklin Township, Menno and Lydia Troyer et al to CSB Land Holdings LLC, $120,000.

CR 9, Gilead Township, Terrance and Cassi Dye to Phillip and Carilyn Peters, $390,000.

6080 SR 61, Gilead Township, Sam and Katie Troyer to Sam and Katie Troyer, $49,000.

SR 61 Rear, Gilead Township, Sam and Katie Troyer to Walter and Karen Work, $49,000.

200 W. Union St., Mount Gilead, Michael and Marlene Lancaster to Chad Swank, $148,500.

269 Bank St., Mount Gilead, Brian and Melissa Barnett to Devin and Jennifer Mosier, $124,700.

310 Bank St., Mount Gilead, Joshua and Lauren Nash to Jordan Johnson, $164,900.

447 Dogwood Lane, Mount Gilead, Virgil Schofield Jr. to Mary Schultz, $182,000.

3280 TR 184, Harmony Township, Aden Troyer to Kevin and Kellie Squires, $355,000.

2173 CR 170, Harmony Township, Kirk and Mary Jo Tranchita to Dylan Luce, $189,000.

2584 CR 170, Harmony Township, Jared and Janette Smith to Craig Matthews and Brittany Johnson, $233,780.

2454 CR 26, Harmony Township, Jeffry Carter DBA Wheats Heating/Cooling to Schwartz Quality Construction, $265,000.

4485 TR 232, Harmony Township, Kyle and Jessica Davis to Dale and Ashley Ernst, $235,000.

2929 TR 155, Lincoln Township, Nachelle Weston to Brian and Angela Mounts, $50,000.

5500 CR 57, North Bloomfield Township, Joseph and Virginia Baker to Matthew and Stephanie Binkley, $146,000.

7911 SR 19, North Bloomfield Township, Kevin Bowman to Jerry and Kathlynn Ruhl, $110,000.

5875 TR 92, Perry Township, Craig Matthews to Raychel Shaffer, $152,000.

7340 SR 42, Perry Township, Duane and Mabel Hershberger to Newfield Farms LLC, $42,000.

7424 SR 314, Perry Township, Bryan Breinich to Matthew Caruthers and Sandra Hogancamp, $129,000.

191 CR 24, Peru Township, Matthew and Erin Hoyt to Dustin and Michelle Givens, $249,900.

2211 SR 229, Peru Township, Ashley Ark Investment Ltd. to Lawrence Reed, $163,000.

1825 TR 165, Peru Township, James and Vonda Jones to Matthew and Kathy Warner, $239,900.

1585 TR 205, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Brady Young to Lamar Hammons, $300,000.

11 N. Main St., Sparta, Baylee and Darla Messmer to Jerilyn Moreland, $131,000.

3906 SR 309, Washington Township, Dean and Lana Pfeifer to Todd Casto, $55,000.

3288 SR 42, Westfield Township, Richard and Frances Whittington to James and Vonda Jones, $295,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor