Seniors learn about Silver Sneakers

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Dawn Konyn and Jamie Akers presented the program when Cardington Seniors met Friday, Oct. 25 at the Senior Center.

Konyn and Akers, Senior Security Insurance Partners (SSIP), Mansfield, informed the group about “College Save,” a program that allows those who attend Silver Sneakers to earn reward points for each class they attend.

Silver Sneakers offers classes and social activities in addition to exercise.

These rewards can then be converted to money in a college tuition fund for designated students.

They also reviewed Medicare Advantage Plans, supplemental plans and Part D Drug Plans. They can help seniors review these plans at no direct cost as they are sponsored by the insurance companies.

They noted Advantage Plans can be changed during open enrollment which runs from October 15 to December 7, also during January, February and March if they wish to return to their previous plan.

They said the Part D Drug plans are making many changes this year.

Giving the devotions at this meeting was Pastor Steve Dennis whose message was based on Psalm 46. He said Reformation Sunday was Oct. 27 and that date commemorated the date Martin Luther

nailed his 95 Theses on the door at Wittenberg, which led to reform of the church but also caused many problems for Luther. He no longer was revered as the great scholar and teacher. Many wanted him arrested.

Psalm 41 was where he found the idea for his hymn, “A Mighty Fortress” which is always sung on Reformation Sunday and is even in the hymnal of the church that originally did not agree with him.

Pastor Dennis read the Psalm which was similar to the hymn.

The seniors will meet next at noon on Nov. 22 at the Senior Center. Cookies will be provided by Virginia Thompson and Marnie Buchel.

Reservations or cancellations must be made by noon, Thursday, Nov. 21 by calling the Senior Center.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel