Village budget upcoming

By Anthony Conchel - The Sentinel

MOUNT GILEAD — Village administrator Derek Allen updated Village Council on various items Monday night.

Allen says work continues on the proposed 2020 village budget.

“I have solicited input from employees and allowed them to participate in the discussion,” Allen said in his report. He said council will see “more detail, a new format and a new structure” once it’s presented to members for approval.

In other business:

• The old Police Department evidence room that was constructed in the basement of the Municipal Building, was removed Sept. 19. Water had been in the room creating a health hazard. A new sump pump was installed.

• A firm was contacted to look into leakage at the village pool. They were scheduled to be at the pool Oct. 9. This is why water is still in the pool and being treated with chlorine. A report on the leaks will follow once it’s determined what needs fixed and the cost involved.

• Code enforcement has sent letters regarding a North Rich Street property. Village personnel will mow the grass and assess the cost to the property owner’s taxes. A camper parked on Highland Avenue also is being looked at for resolution.

• Morrow County Commissioner Tom Whiston and County Economic Development Director Andy Ware gave information to council regarding Avita Health System’s proposal to purchase the Morrow County Hospital facility.

“We don’t have a dog in the fight,” Whiston said. “But we have not seen a positive year financially.”

Whiston said there are no MCH doctors who reside in Morrow County.

A resident asked him if that would change under Avita. He replied, “I would hope so.”

Ware said the county needs to look at the trends under OhioHealth.

“The number of employees is going down. The patients are going down and we are paying more to OhioHealth,” Ware said.

Whiston defended Avita’s large debt, saying it is due to the company making investments in communities.

• Mayor Mike Porter and council members praised the efforts of the community during the Victory Shaft Centennial celebration last month.

“The weather was perfect and it couldn’t have gone any better,” he said.

By Anthony Conchel

The Sentinel