Highland Officers attend FFA Retreat

By Hannah Williams - Chapter Reporter

The Highland FFA officer team attended officer retreat from June 2-4. They stayed in a cabin these days at the FFA Retreat Center in Carrollton, Ohio.

At officer retreat, the officers planned out the activities for this year, such as meetings officer meetings and other chapter events. There was also fun activities like high ropes, swimming/canoeing and paintball. They also did small games that taught them to work as a team and lead in a positive way.

Working as a team is important for the officer team because it keeps things running smoothly and makes things more fun and interesting for everyone. Their time together got them prepared for this year. Being an officer is a commitment to your fellow officers and your chapter. As an officer you will have your fun times together but also work will need to get done and this officer retreat is an example of how it all works.

By Hannah Williams

Chapter Reporter