CR 26, Bennington Township, Matthew and David Weade to Sandra Angel, $50,000.

CR 15, Bennington Township, Matthew and David Weade to Richard and Alison Williams, $107,000.

5225 CR 15, Bennington Township, Richard and Jennifer Clark to Jeffrey and Kelly Tutorow, $365,000.

6978 TR 73, Canaan Township, Frank Teneyck to Gary Kennedy, $74,000.

6978 TR 73, Canaan Township, Catherine Clutter to Rickey and Lisa Cox, $35,000.

1393 TR 67, Canaan Township, Frances Myers to Clifford Boley, $125,000.

4126 TR 134, Cardington Township, Tonya Keckler to Austin Hunt, $235,000.

3848 TR 28, Cardington Township, Ryan and Stephanie Rose to Moore Family Trust, $190,000.

103 Williams St., Cardington, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Abass Investments LLC, $34,100.

102 Cunard St., Cardington, Delbristol Property Investments LLC to Bruce and Vianne Roberts, $99,700.

126 Nichols St., Cardington, Keith and Patti Brake to Rebecca Montgomery, $28,000.

478 Kinsale Drive, Cardington, Walter Saylor to James Simmers Jr., $149,900.

3317 CR 162, Chester Township, Johnny Smith to Michael and Renee Blaney, $60,000.

5637 SR 42 North, Congress Township, Douglas and Michelle Knipp to Timothy Burge, $99,000.

6185 SR 19, Congress Township, Phillip and Wendi Conners to John Trott et al, $136,000.

5545 CR 98, Congress Township, Trent Knackstedt to James and Sarah Hughes, $197,000.

Lot 189, Congress Township, Clint and Ashley Rossman to Dean and Shelli Talaganis, $270,000.

Lot 35, Congress Township, Phillip and Julie Morris to Nicholas and Maria Del Regno, $310,000.

Lots 11-12, Congress Township, Lawrence and Judy Kunlke, trustees, to Michael and Michele Heimann, $10,500.

Lots 282-283, Congress Township, Annie Kilgore to Nathan and Tammy Bond, $7,500.

Lot 150, Congress Township, Joseph Bindner to Richard Barlow, $4,200.

Lots 219-220, Congress Township, Thomas and Susan Tavenor to Robert and Camilla Turner, $19,750.

Lots 146-147, Congress Township, Ross Schifano to Patricia Gordon, $7,900.

6501 TR 119, Franklin Township, Raymond and Katyann Schlabach to Harley and Mary Keim, $250,000.

Lots 135-136, Franklin Township, Joseph Simoni to Charles and Lynda Sinnett, $14,000.

Lot 748, Franklin Township, Bruce and Vianne Roberts to Anthony Whitt, $3,000.

316 State St., Edison, Chris Weir to Dominique Adkins, $25,000.

107 Boundary St., Edison, Marcus Owens to Ashley Tobin, $119,000.

110 Boundary St., Edison, Daniel Campbell to Joshua Smith, $109,000.

4989 SR 42, Gilead Township, Derrick and Amanda Smith to Thomas and Donna Bathke, $142,000.

4267 SR 61, Gilead Township, Betty Lawyer to Rick Howell, $225,000.

4637 TR 110, Gilead Township, Joshua and Andrea Chase to Christopher and Tressa Fown, $233,500.

3958 TR 110, Gilead Township, Webb Family Living Trust to Francine Peters, $223,000.

254 Bank St., Mount Gilead, Betty Richardson to Derek and Darby Allen, $124,700.

307 Lee St., Mount Gilead, Alvin and Dorothy Baker to Mary and Tina Davis, $160,000.

211 W. Union St., Mount Gilead, Michael and Marlene Lancaster to M Property Management LLC, $45,000.

113 N. Walnut St., Mount Gilead, Kana Properties LLC to Lee Esposito, $180,000.

809 Orchard Drive, Mount Gilead, Harry Riggs to Patricia Jackson, $100,000.

445 Willow Lane, Mount Gilead, Douglas Grimm to Gary and Patricia Forbes, $138,000.

648 Grant St., Mount Gilead, Russell Daya to Ronald and Vicky Dubena, $189,000.

605 Whetstone Drive, Mount Gilead, RJS Construction Services LLC to Angela Oxer, $165,000.

2811 TR 20, Harmony Township, Inger Boggs and Leonard Selena to Christopher and Paulette Mosher, $155,500.

4881 CR 23, Harmony Township, US Bank Trust to Kathryn Browning, $75,412.

2159 TR 165, Lincoln Township, Tammy Spangler-Boehm to Donald and Debra Webb, $18,000.

TR 121, Harmony Township, David and Kathy Schlaubach to Kenneth and Amy Smith, $350,000.

CR 50, North Bloomfield Township, Edgar and Beverly Robinson to Scott and Mark Krietemeyer, $90,000.

9142 CR 38, North Bloomfield Township, Brenda Patrick to Colton and Laura Ross, $143,000.

7480 NE TR 2, Perry Township, Eli and Rachel Yoder to Benjamin Wengerd et al, $325,000.

2686 TR 21, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company to Brien Beatty and Jessica Spahr, $64,500.

TR 13, South Bloomfield Township, Elizabeth Salzgaber to Bruner Land Company, $30,000.

20 N. Main St., South Bloomfield Township, Shawn Tuttle to Dustin Irvin, $120,000.

6692 TR 21, South Bloomfield Township, Sasha O’Leary to Beer Family Trust, $127,823.

8334 SR 314, Troy Township, Mark Clapper to Aaron and Christen Albrecht, $250,000.

7789 Washingon Township, Jesse Phillips and Alexandria Bloom to Jimmy and Jaime Sexton, $169,900.

4709 SR 309, Washington Township, Sharon Fairchild to William and Kellie Castle, $245,000.

1765 TR 157, Westfield Township, James Etgen to Weslynn Homes LLC, $126,000.

2704 SR 42, Westfield Township, William Carson to Robert and Jessikalyn Swanger, $142,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor