July 25-31

Warrant served

Officer assisted sheriff’s deputies with arresting a man in the village wanted for a warrant for failure to register as a sex offender.

Suspicious behavior

Officer assisted sheriff’s deputy searching for three people reportedly looking into vehicles in Edison. They patrolled the area and were unable to locate them.

Noise complaint

A man sitting in a truck on West Center Street was asked to turn down the loud music. He complied.


Officer responded to a possible fight on East High Street. The man’s eye appeared to be swollen and he had blood on his leg. He also appeared to be intoxicated. Another man at the residence claimed the man had fallen. The second man left the residence. No charges were filed.

Loose dog

A resident reported her neighbor’s dog was outside without a leash and causing problems with her dogs. The owner of the dog was located and she stated the dog snuck out. She was advised to keep the dog leashed while it is outside.

Help with fire

Officer provided traffic control for several units who extinguished a house fire on Neal Avenue.

Possible theft

A village resident reported a relative had stolen a duffel bag with his RCA tablet and important paperwork. The bag was located, along with a checkbook belonging to someone else. Officer kept it for safekeeping as they tried to contact the owner. The other missing items were not located.

Vehicle struck

A vehicle reportedly side-swiped a parked vehicle on West High Street. Information was exchanged between the two parties.

Drug arrest

An unresponsive man was found lying in the grass on West High Street. He was found to be in possession of a needle and suspected heroin and booked into jail.

Wallet found

Firefighters at Station 19 found a wallet on the sidewalk at the rear of the building. Officer attempted to return it to the owner at his residence.

Scooter damaged

Kroger reported a handicapped scooter was struck and damaged. The person responsible was contacted. His truck had sustained minor damage.

Drug sniff

Deputy requested assistance with a traffic stop on West High Street. Canine alerted on the vehicle and a pill and a scale were found. Charges could be filed.

Fraudulent call

A resident reported receiving two calls from the same number asking for information. The caller claimed to work for the Social Security office. Call backs to the number were not answered.