4280 TR 191, Bennington Township, Hatfield Enterprises LLC to Timothy Williams, $175.000.

105 CR 26, Bennington Township, Darrell and Nanette Ruark to Angie Brown, $179,900.

449 Quaker Trace, Bennington Township, Jeffrey and Kay Hass to Nathalie and Kelby Muehlfeld, $45,000.

4355 TR 259, Bennington Township, Dearfield Keystone Preservation Trust to Chase Evans and Alexa Borello, $345,000.

CR 124, Cardington Township, Mosher Family Farms Inc. to 4-M Farms of Marion LLC, $1,741,250.

210 Williams St., Cardington, Mildred Mae Wallace to Ronald and Avenell Gayheart, $24,000.

236 W. Main St., Cardington, David and Stephanie Hamm to KNJ Properties LLC, $75,000.

6311 CR 23, Chester Township, Frank and Kathleen Chito to Jamison and Tiffani Miller, $320,000.

6166 SR 95, Chester Township, P. Hull Concessions Inc. to Bridget Riley, $300,000.

Lot 95, Chester Township, Elizabeth and Kelly Myers to Caleb and Mary Carson, $1,000.

Lot 25, Chester Township, Jeffery and Carla Slone to Rebecca Byrd, $11,500.

Lot 35, Chester Township, Thomas and Susan Tavenor to Thomas and Lynn Garey, $384,500.

Lots 136-137, Chester Township, Darrell and Stephanie Olinger to Lana Ahlum, $507,000.

Lots 79-80, Chester Township, Timothy Corwin to Thomas and Susan Tavenor, $173,000.

7491 TR 119, Franklin Township, Daniel Reed to Lando Petry and Heather Griffith, $320,000.

4699 TR 115, Franklin Township, Jill Trimmer to Bruce Murray Jr., $80,000.

444 Boundary St., Edison, Patricia Risher et al to Vicky Smith, $145,000.

SR 42, Gilead Township, Robert Brayton to Deebob Services LLC, $20,000.

4361 CR 115, Gilead Township, Elysa DiPaolo to Eric Bailey, $220,000.

4699 TR 115, Gilead Township, Jill Trimmer to Bruce Murray Jr., $80,000.

4619 TR 114, Gilead Township, Kathy Rogers et al to Danielle Bowersmith, $52,000.

3556 TR 145, Gilead Township, Terry ad Connie Roy to Matthew Wilcox and Autumn Whitcomb, $205,000.

6080 SR 61, Gilead Township, James A. Bartlett Trust to Sam and Katie Troyer, $400,000.

263 Lincoln Ave., Mount Gilead, Katherine and Louie Peskay to Dalton Snider, $126,000.

318 Park Ave., Mount Gilead, Luke Garrison to James Hempy and Sandra Henderson, $153,000.

56 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Raymond and Jessie Plummer to Elysa DiPaolo, $173,000.

710 Grant St., Mount Gilead, Christina Jarrett to Jordan Carwell, $130,000.

2879 CR 170, Harmony Township, Correk LLC to Kevin Helms, $165,000.

2194 CR 170, Harmony Township, Right Way Properties LLC to Cody Nevers, $162,500.

5043 TR 187, Harmony Township, Jamie Dixon to Adam and Traci Schleppi, $40,000.

TR 124, Lincoln Township, John R. Martin trustee to Denton Farms LLC, $331,450.

3719 SR 529, Lincoln Township, Nicklas Buddo Joshua Stein, $250,500.

CR 38, North Bloomfield Township, David L. Sipes et al to James and Martha Rogers, $367,500.

7225 SR 229, South Bloomfield Township, Lindsey Sapp to Seth Kelling and Nacole Stepp-Kelling, $209,000.

7000 CR 19, South Bloomfield Township, Gary and Linda Butcher to Aaron and Amy Tomasek.

16 E. Main St., Sparta, Donald and Theresa cGlothlin and MSJ Real Estate LLC, $85,000.

7156 SR 97, Troy Township, Muriel Janowiak Trust to GRO Naked Farm LLC, $150,000.

3390 SR 309, Washington Township, Dominique Adkins to Ethan Newson and Lyndsey Blevins, $126,900.

8720 TR 34, Washington Township, US Bank National Association to Dean Pfeifer, $80,000.

4719 SR 309, Washington Township, Jacqueline Snyder to Jackie and Phyllis Kinslow, $147,000.

9006 CR 30, Washington Township, Kenneth and Claudia Deisch to Barbara Evans, $152,700.

2192 CR 156, Westfield Township, Tami Meads to Kelly and Constantine Moraitis, $140,000.

855 CR 153, Westfield Township, Ronnie and Rita Crego to Heather Welch, $185,300.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor