Rezone request withdrawn in Cardington

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

When the Cardington Village Council opened its August 17 meeting Mayor Susie Peyton read a letter from Tim and Patty Hack in which they thanked council for “their time and consideration of our request to rezone the property at 123 Gilead Street. We do, however, wish to withdraw that request at this time.”

The Hacks had asked that the property be rezoned from an R-l to a B-1 Business so they could erect an automatic car wash on the property.

During the Community Participation portion of this meeting, several residents voiced concerns on different matters. Ardena Christian of Riverview Drive inquired about the comments made by people during the Community Participation portion of a meeting. She was told that minutes are made by the clerk from the recordings and those minutes are retained. The recordings are then deleted following the approval of those minutes by the council.

She related a traffic incident that happened at the intersection of East Main and Gilead Street to demonstrate the dangers with that intersection. Concurring with that comment was Tonya Layman of Mount Gilead, who related a near accident there on their motorcycle.

Homer Helman of Nichols Street inquired about the sidewalk requirements and noted that several years ago he had a crack in his sidewalk and was told it was his responsibility to fix it and if he didn’t the town would and the cost would be affixed to his taxes. Mayor Peyton said property owners are responsible for their sidewalks. Legal Counsel said that the code has changed. Mayor Peyton invited Helman to come to the next work session of council on September 8 to further discuss the matter.

Diane Van Houten inquired about horses being allowed on a village property. Mayor Peyton said the people in question had been told by the Planning and Zoning Commission to apply for a variance but they never came so no horses are in the village.

Linda Merman read a statement in which she is concerned about police coverage on Friday nights. She asked that a different officer be assigned to Friday nights when she is the “In between person” to pick up her son on Friday nights at the fire house, citing the officer as not being fully objective. It was agreed that the mayor, the police chief and Village Solicitor Deitz would meet to consider the situation.

Council accepted the resignation of Carol M. Mosher from the position of part time meter reader and flower caretaker for the village effective September 30,2015. Mayor Peyton commented “She did an excellent job and she will be hard to replace.”

Council also accepted and confirmed the mayor’s recommendation of Bradley M. Sealey to the position of full time police officer for the village. Chief John Hinton noted Sealey had previously been a part time police officer.

Also accepted and confirmed was the mayor’s recommendation of Kameron A Smith as the village’s full time street worker one for the village.

Deb Fry, village fiscal officer, explained that because the need has arisen to amend the permanent budget because of money to be received from the Ohio Public Works Commission, the Morrow County CDBG Grant and the State Critical Infrastructure Grant for the 1930 waterline replacement project, it was necessary to supplement the Street Fund thus requiring an ordinance to amend the permanent budget for 2015. Council approved this amendment related to the village resources.

Also approved was an ordinance related to the expenditures of council due to the same reason as above Council approved the amending of permanent appropriations for the village for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2015.

It was reported that 575 non-filer letters had been mailed to taxpayers who neglected to file a municipal income tax returns for Cardington. This notice was sent from the RITA.

A letter had been received from the Morrow County Commissioners in which they thanked the village for the donation of the 2008 Crown Victoria to the Morrow County Sheriff’s Special Unit.

Danny Wood, village administrator, said to receive the permit from the Ohio EPA for the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), a public hearing may be held because of the change in the use of Chlorine in the WWTP. The village is no longer using chlorine in the WWTP and in order for that change to be made in the permit a public hearing date will be posted. If there is no public response, the new permit will be issued. Wood said these hearings are called for if any change is made to a permit.

Submitting bills to be paid, Fry explained several. One was to Mid Ohio Paving for $151,184.06 to OHM, the approved amount for 2015 Paving Project. She said “We are currently holding some of the payment for retainage.” Another bill was to the North Central Ohio Fire Training Academy for $450, training for C.McFarland and $810.51 for repair parts for the UV lights at the WWTP.

Bills approved for payment totaled $186,062.83.

Fry said the RE Tax Settlement payment was received and it totaled $192,154.27. Of that amount, $17,047.72 was for the past due utilities and mowing charges that had previously been certified.

Fry urged people to check out the village’s web site, for the update on calendars and important announcements.

She said Trick or Treat Night is scheduled for October 31, 2015 from 5 to 6:30 pm.

The next council meeting will be held September 8, 2015.

Evelyn Long is a correspondent with the Morrow County Sentinel and can be reached at [email protected]

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel