Cardington purchases truck for village use

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

A light agenda was considered when Cardington Village Council met Monday, July 15.

Council authorized the village administrator and/or fiscal officer to accept the Ohio EPA water supply revolving loan account funding with respect to the water treatment plant upgrades. The loan has a 1.16 percent interest as to the balance of the 15-year loan. The first payment will be due in 2021.

• Council approved the purchase of a 2019 Ford F550 truck for use by the water, wastewater and street departments. The truck replaces a 2005 vehicle.

• Deb Fry, finance officer, reviewed the village’s accounts and gave the 2017-2018 audit update. She had received a call from the auditors on July 9 who said they are finalizing the village’s.

• The utility software conversion is now complete. She said the first training session with all employees was held July 9, with two more to go before reaching the goal of going live in August.

• Council approved payment of bills totaling $35,750.44.

• Fry said the results of the annual road salt bid have been received. She noted that the village is included in the Southwest Ohio Purchasers for Government annual road salt bid. The results indicated the lowest bid for the village was from Cargill, Inc. at a price of $82.74 per ton.

This is the same amount as last year, she said. The village is scheduled to receive 100 tons. Wood said smoke testing continues as they check for water leaks in the village.

• Mayor Susie Peyton said she is still searching for an attorney to work from the village. She is being helped in the search by a member of the Columbus Bar Association.

• Addressing council was Mike Augenstein, from Mid-Ohio Energy, who discussed a franchise ordinance.

• Council will meet on Aug. 5.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel