Engineer reports progress on county roads

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

Mid Ohio Paving crew prepares a load of hot mix asphalt on CR9 south of Edison Friday.

Mid Ohio Paving crew prepares a load of hot mix asphalt on CR9 south of Edison Friday.

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MOUNT GILEAD — Morrow County Engineer Bart Dennison said two emergencies on county roads won’t put a stop to the county’s summer plan to improve the county roads.

“We still plan on doing all the roads this summer as scheduled,” Dennison said. “We are applying for emergency funds now for the washout on CR 40 and the bridge on CR 23.”

Both the CR40 culverts and the CR 23 Bridge were on the plans to be worked on next year. The culverts were rusted out at the bottom on CR 40 and washed out due to heavy rains and the bridge on CR 23 gave way due to the heavy weight of a vehicle.

Dennison said it is possible that CR 40 and bridge on CR 23 just west of Chesterville could be down as long as a year and a half. They are working on estimates to apply to the County Engineers Association and hoped a possibility could be that money would be available from the new gasoline tax.

Right now the county is receiving $1.5 million from the tax levy and the county is also slated to receive $1.5 million from the new gas tax levy.

Dennison is confident that with the tax levy, gas tax and grant money, the 10 year plan to improve county roads can be accomplished “even better” than originally planned.

The county commissioners and Dennison have been receiving calls about the paving on CR 9 north of Edison. Commissioner Warren Davis said that he had received a call this week thanking them for the paving on CR 9.

He said it was great to get a positive call like that for a change. Dennison said he got two calls about CR 9 this week. The first person thanked him for the great job and the next person complained that people are now driving too fast on the road.

Dennison emphasized that maintenance will be important as the roads are resurfaced. Cold mix paving is being used on a number of county roads and the cold mix is more porous than the asphalt, or hot mix. It will be necessary to top them with chip and seal a year later to avoid potholes.

The county is beginning to make some of its own cold mix and will be able to save money this way. The highway department is presently stockpiling stone for cold mix on the HPM property in Edison.

Don Glosser who works on plans for bridges and drainage said that the county is looking to do more with county crews on small bridges on county roads. It will be cost-saving since they will be able to reuse some of the salvaged bridges that have broken down. Marengo Fabricators are doing some of the work in re-purposing the bridges for their use.

The 2019 list for paving with hot mix/asphalt is contracted with Mid-Ohio Paving out of Centerburg. Total cost on the hot mix/asphalt is $850,653.

CR 9 from TR 129 to Edison Village South limits, 1.59 miles;

CR 9 from Edison Village North limits to CR61, 3.304 miles;

CR 20 from CR 25 to SR 95, 5.276 miles;

CR 29 from SR 61 to CR 40, 1.970 miles; CR 40 from SR 288 to Crawford C/L 1.861 miles;

CR 170 from TR 211 to SR 229, 1.337 miles.

Morrow County Cold Mix paving cost is estimated at $516,413.52.

CR 156 to SR 42, 1.663 miles; CR9 to SR61, 1.91 miles; CR 57 to CR 20, 2.49 miles;

Marion County Line to CR28, 2.09 miles; CR20 to SR 42 1.78 miles;

CR 114 to CR 20, 2.250 miles; SR 314 toTR 190, 1.06 miles; CR 187 to CR 25, 1.93 miles;

CR 184 to CR 06, .51 miles; TR 188 to SR 314, .94 miles; SR 229 to CR 19, 1.62 miles;

Knox County Line to CR 15, 1.05 miles; SR 656 to SR 229, 1.22 miles.

Morrow County Chip and Seal Program Summary:

Delaware C/L to TR221 (LT) 4.20 miles; MT Gilead Limits to TR75 2.286 miles;

CR 40 to CR 46, 1.998 miles; CR 46 to SR 42, 4.419 miles; CR28 to CR9, 3.13 miles;

Delaware C/L to Delaware C/L, .501 miles.

Mid Ohio Paving crew prepares a load of hot mix asphalt on CR9 south of Edison Friday. Ohio Paving crew prepares a load of hot mix asphalt on CR9 south of Edison Friday. Courtesy Photo

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel