5150 CR 15, Bennington Township, Joe Bolton to Cody Forstythe and Samantha Haley, $205,000.

1201 TR 39, Canaan Township, Delong Keystone Preservation Trust to Cody and Megan Higley, $141,000.

6241 TR 60, Canaan Township, Donald and Karen Crabbe to Gary and Trudy Hubbard, $249,900.

4040 TR 138, Cardington Township, Kyle Ekleberry and Trishaw White to James and Diane Linder, $218,900.

2057 SR 529, Cardington Township, Jeffrey and Cara Skaggs to Rockwell and Rayenna Wagoner, $250,000.

4691 TR 128, Cardington Township, Samuel and Kendra Skipworth to Benjamin Davis et al, $194,000.

141 E. Main St., Cardington, Jeffrey and Marsha Sommers to Joseph Elverson, $237,700.

418 Douglas St., Cardington, Gary and Wanda Faust, trustees, to Trevor and Christerra Hinkle, $18,000.

CR 172, Chester Township, HP Homes LLC to James Everhart II, $142,000.

Route 19, Congress Township, Pearl Irwin to Pearl Irwin, $215,000.

6741 CR 97, Congress Township, Ronnie and Patricia Conn to Barry and Patricia Smith, $270,000.

Lots 183-184, Congress Township, Guy Mouras et al to Thomas and Julie Troiano, $223,500.

Lots 186-187, Congress Township, Keplinger Irrevocable Trust to Lawrence and Joni Carlson, $280,000.

Lots 131-132, Congress Township, John and Linda Mullington to Judy Dixon, $185,000.

Lots 21-22, Congress Township, James and Renee Chmura to Chad Worth, $5,000.

Lot 91, Congress Township, Roy and Fannie Sheets to Michael and Mary Atwood, $2,500.

Lots 224-225, Congress Township, Rebecca Harrah to Harold and Pamela Taylor, $60,000.

Lots 206-209, Congress Township, Virginia Laube to Randy R. Miller Trust, $280,000.

Lot 30, Congress Township, Benik Keystone Trust to Kip and Shelley Shults, $370,000.

Lot 4, Congress Township,, Marcello and Susan Cutrupi to Brandon and Jacquelyn Belli, $160,000.

4240 CR 98, Franklin Township, Knox County Properties LLC to Joe and Jennifer Bolton, $35,000.

5610 TR 105, Gilead Township, Jim Burson Family Trust to Nicholas and Courtney Long, $51,000.

341 Highland Ave., Mount Gilead, Richard Harris to Vouli Partners LLC, $30,000.

117 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Stephen and Wanda Honzo to Julia White, $115,000.

195 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Linda Fate to Arthur and Andrea Miller, $115,000.

718 Baker St., Mount Gilead, Dana McCombs to Amber Hoffman, $120,000.

2827 CR 26, Harmony Township, Carl and Mary Wright to Kayla Schaeffer, $145,000.

5403 TR 191, Harmony Township, Doug and Amy Horner to Richard and Stacey Pinkerton, $217,500.

TR 191, Harmony Township, Michael and Susan Adams to Steven and Stacey Eskey, $35,000.

4969 TR 191, Harmony Township, Patricia Morczek to Korey and Alysha Kirschner, $195,000.

4920 CR 23, Harmony Township, Brandon and Krista Skiver to Robert and Monique Milligan, $275,000.

CR 169, Lincoln Township, George and Patricia Nash to Shoemaker-Webb Farms LLC, $57,886.

204 West St., Fulton, The Old Fulton School LLC to Heite Investments LLC, $197,500.

SR 61, Fulton, United Methodist Ministries to John Crothers, $50,000.

125 W. Main St., Fulton, Sliverville Enterprises LLC to Randy and Tamara Simon, $136,000.

8147 SR 19, North Bloomfield Township, Jason and Elaine Beck to Ken Matesz, $132,000.

9775 Ketterman Drive, North Bloomfield Township, Samuel and Nathalia Spade to Jamey Cook, $96,500.

6523 SR 314, Perry Township, Katheryn Chaffin to Karly Hoffer, $11,160.

7684 TR 87, Perry Township, John and Ella Byler to Raymond and Katie Schlabach, $370,000.

8013 TR 83, Perry Township, Elizabeth Morgan to Dannie and Ella Fisher, $157,000.

2692 TR 224, Peru Township, Thomas Carroll III to Jame and Aarika Cochran, $180,000.

TR 166, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company to Joshua and Jessica Morgan, $67,900.

3471 CR 21, Peru Township, Pervez Hai to Christianne Manion, $71,500.

500 TR 198, South Bloomfield Township, Joe and Edda Wheeler to Joseph and Tanya Strouse, $102,000.

7559 SR 229, South Bloomfield Township, Terry Karpinski to Tyler McCaulla, $212,500.

CR 21, South Bloomfield Township, Stanley and Mary Lloyd Trust to Fishburn Services Inc., $383,863.

3326 TR 5, Troy Township, Greer Family Trust to John and Teddi Carter, $135,000.

7502 CR 37, Troy Township, Roger Mowry, trustee, to Jonathan Hamilton, $200,000.

6826 TR 45, Troy Township, Jeannette Hoffman to Timothy and Randi Norris, $235,000.

88384 SR 314, Troy Township, Ona Baker et al to Vernon Mast, $77,500.

TR 53, Troy Township, Patricia Kauffman to Joseph and Kelli Cyrus, $114,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor