Park Ave. school year off to great start

By Principal Jim Swain, - Park Avenue Elementary

What an amazing start to the school year we have had! Students are excited and engaged and the teachers say there is a different feel about the school this year. The entire staff worked tirelessly all summer to ensure that students would be returning to a beautiful building full of positive energy and exuding love for children and this community.

The team made some changes this year in an effort to enhance student safety as well. Children that are dropped off and picked up by family members are required to exit the passenger side of the vehicle so that there is no risk of anyone being hurt by a passing motorist. Parents are to stay in their vehicles this year and the staff working on the line help children in and out of their vehicles. We have also changed our procedures for people coming into our building. All guests must report to the office to sign in and receive a badge prior to being able to move throughout the building.

This year also brings multiple opportunities for parents and community members to get even more engaged with the school. We are always looking for volunteers to come in and work with children on their academics. We also have numerous committees that folks can serve on as a way of getting more engaged. Our Parent Partnership committee will develop opportunities to engage more parents in events like Muffins with Moms, Doughnuts with Dads and Goodies with Grand-friends. Our Garden committee will be focused on ways to enhance our school gardens as well as adding more gardens. Our Indians in Training committee was designed to build events held throughout the year that focuses on children newborn to preschool aged in our community.

The events will provide lessons and free materials for parents and children to utilize in their homes. Another committee we are excited about is our Playground Improvement Committee. This committee will work closely with our Parent Teacher Organization to study, design and implement changes to our current playground to give our children the best playground we can give them.

The last committee I will mention is our PTO. Our PTO is an amazing collection of parents that gives so much for our children and staff. They meet on the second Monday of the month at 5:30 pm in our school Library. If you are interested in learning more about any of these opportunities to get more tied into our school, please call the office at 419-946-5736.

Lastly, I want to share a little about the excitement and energy felt in our building and community as we started this year. Our goal here at Park Avenue Elementary is to grow students academically, socially and behaviorally. We adopted a new Park Avenue Pledge and our students recite it every morning. I would encourage our parents and community members to ask our children about the pledge and what it means to them. We strive to create an atmosphere similar to Disney, the happiest place on earth. Most importantly, we want a place where children, parents and the community feel cared for and loved.

The Park Avenue Team thanks you for your support and trust. We are honored to play a role in helping the children of Mount Gilead learn and grow into the leaders and heroes of tomorrow.

By Principal Jim Swain,

Park Avenue Elementary