Edison Council adopts property maintenance code

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

EDISON — Village Council members adopted Ordinance 2019-04 property maintenance code as an emergency at their meeting May 13. Council members said it is for the safety and health of the village residents and not just for appearance.

Before passage of the ordinance, council had several questions for its attorney Rob Ratliff and zoning/building inspector Kevin Salisbury.

Salisbury said there are presently three houses that fit the dangerous building criteria and should be torn down. The roof and floors have fallen in on some and no one is living in them. In addition to the dangerous buildings, there are 24 houses and buildings in the village that need repairs or other attention.

“I have been working with several,” Salisbury said. “Some owners are trying to make repairs; some are ignoring me.”

Salisbury who became zoning inspector two months ago, hopes that the new ordinance can help get people motivated to get work on the buildings done. The new code gives authority for him to give orders to repair or have buildings demolished.

Penalties are set for those who do not comply.

Council member Erica Walsh asked about the time frame of 30 days allowed for fixing houses. She said that seems too short to get work done. Ratliff said it can’t be expected that all the necessary work would be completed, but that should be enough time for the owners to make a start and show good faith in getting a lot done or at least started.

Council member Chris Kneipp emphasized that “they don’t want to kick anyone out of their home.” The designated “dangerous buildings” are empty and haven’t been lived in for some time or are barns or other outbuildings.

The ordinance states: “The purpose of this Code is to protect the public health, safety and general welfare by establishing minimum standards governing the exterior maintenance, condition and appearance of residential and nonresidential structures and premises; to prevent blighting problems and enhance property values; to fix responsibilities and duties upon owners and occupants of structures with respect to sanitation, repair and maintenance; to authorize and establish procedures for the inspection of premises and to provide for penalties for violations of this Code.”

Complete copies of the ordinance will be posted at the Edison Municipal Building, the Edison Post Office and Korner Klippers.

In other business:

• Street Supervisor Rod Clinger said the street crew has been tiling around the school property to have the run-off going into the village lagoon.

The county engineer has plans to pave Boundary Street. Council members Floyd Wogan and Chris Kneipp would like to see pavement ground before new asphalt is laid down.

• Council member Jeremie West reported that he had reached Delco Water Company. Since Mount Gilead Fire Department does not flush the water hydrants, DelCo said it will come to get the work done, but did not give a definite date.

• Council members thanked the Ohio Highway Patrol for patrolling and being a presence in the village.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel