Avita was not on board agenda

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

MOUNT GILEAD — Avita Healthcare Systems CEO Jerry Morasko along with five Avita physicians, five Avita Health System board members and several Avita specialists stood for two hours outside the Morrow County Hospital Board meeting Tuesday, May 7.

They said they were waiting to give a presentation to the board concerning a possible collaboration or affiliation.

The Avita group from Galion, Ontario and Bucyrus Hospitals was invited to the MCH board meeting by Morrow County Commissioners. Commissioners said they hoped to have the opportunity to present the Avita option to the MCH board.

Avita made a presentation last August.

MCH Board president Pat Drouhard said he was unaware an entire group was coming, adding that the board had a full agenda hearing the proposal from OhioHealth and MCH consultants.

Drouhard opened the meeting and declared an executive session for the purpose of discussing “Trade Secrets,” which their attorney explained was for business purposes. This is allowed under the Ohio Sunshine Law.

While the two-hour board meeting was in session the Avita group presented the history and experience of Avita Healthcare to Morrow County Development Director Andy Ware and several others in the hall outside the meeting room.

Avita purchased the bankrupt Bucyrus City Hospital and added it as part of the Galion Hospital. They then adopted the name Avita Health System. The staff has grown from 450 to more than 1,800 with the addition of Avita Hospital in Ontario.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel