CR 26, Bennington Township, David Scholl to Matthew and David Weade, $155,000.

46 CR 26, Bennington Township, David and Nancy Scholl to Brandon and Bridget Hildreth, $465,000.

TR 64, Canaan Township, Jonathan and Victoria Aiken to Michael and Ronald Lyon, $93,000.

230 Gilead St., Cardington, Tina Rogers to William Price, $129,500/

216 W. Main St., Cardington, Behr Development LLC to Chitos Finishing Touch LLC, $39,900.

115 W. Walnut St., Green Convertible Investment Property Trust to Daniel Hedges Sr., $23,000.

543 S. Marion St., Cardington, Matthew Horton to James and Jody Johncox, $135,000.

CR 186, Chester Township, Kemmer Keystone Trust to Fishburn Services Inc., $290,430.

6246 SR 19, Congress Township, David and Ann Styer to Terra Singer, $222,000.

6541 SR 42, Congress Township, Matthew Slusher to Joseph and Patricia Eickholt, $204,900.

Lots 64, 65, 66, Congress Township, Jeffrey and Kimberly Bood to Steven and Nancy Fensch, $259,000.

Lots 217, 218, Congress Township, Linda Jerele to Bradley and Kelly Mullenix, $445,000.

Lot 7, Congress Township, Brandon and Jackie Belli to Elizabeth A. Brown Revocable Living Trust, $170,000.

Lot 8, Congress Township, Brandon and Jackie Belli to Elizabeth A. Brown Revocable Living Trust, $540,000.

451 E. High St., Mount Gilead, Bruce and Rachel Hartzler to Charles Gilbertson, $152,000.

3920 CR 114, Harmony Township, Wells Fargo Bank NA to Joseph and Connor Alaura, $55,500.

3520 TR 161, Lincoln Township, Ricky and Deborah Bartlett to Ronald and Virginia Limes, $45,000.

2601 CR 165, Lincoln Township, Leeann Davenport to Steven Hubbard, $40,000.

3331 SR 529, Lincoln Township, Craig and Sharon Hornsby to Shane Trotter, $172,000.

3492 TR 124, Lincoln Township, Stephen and Jeanne Hornback to Kenneth and Claudia Deisch, $235,000.

7264 SR 314, Perry Township, Jean and John McClintock to Joel and Lisa Smythe, $130,000.

7389 CR 242, Perry Township, Johnsville Mennonite Church to Terry Roush, $19,500.

438 CR 24, Peru Township, David and Heather Brickley to Weston Brubaker, $351,000.

1941 TR 165, Peru Township, Dallas and Beverly Phelps to Kathryn Cathell, $162,500.

7177 CR 19, South Bloomfield Township, Stanley Dewitt to Esther Swetland, $135,000.

7189 CR 37, Troy Township, Kecia Zuercher to Robert and Michelle Snyder, $80,000.

7184 TR 49, Troy Township, Edward and Joanne Hursey to John Schoellkopf Jr., $90,000.

7800 CR 57, Troy Township, Timothy and Dianna Eichorn Trust to Terrance and Sharon Manley, $150,000.

3776 TR 61, Washington Township, Roscoe and Judith Preece to Allen and Laura Gingerich, $23,000.

8251 SR 61, Washington Township, Michael Schaffranek to Craig and Marilyn Miley, $80,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor