By Emilie Drumm - FFA Reporter

Star Greenhand Lexi Wenger

Star Greenhand Lexi Wenger

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New officer team for Northmor FFA.

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Star Chapter Farmer Zane Parrott

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IBERIA — The Northmor FFA recently held its annual parent-member awards banquet.

This banquet was an end of year celebration to all of the accomplishments and to recognize those who have helped the chapter throughout the year.

Every year different individuals are honored for their support and generosity to the Northmor FFA by receiving the Honorary Chapter Farmer award. This award provides honorary membership to the Northmor FFA chapter. This year the award recipient was John Gruber, an alumni of Northmor.

He has helped the chapter with his financial donations to help send our soils team to their national contest in Oklahoma City.

Record Keeping awards were given to the members who kept a clean and organized record of their agriculture projects. The people awarded were Maddison Yaussy, Emilie Drumm, Cassady Healea, and Chris Bood.

In the Northmor FFA chapter the fruit sales are the biggest fundraiser every fall to earn money for the chapter. The top two salesmen were Zoe Parrott and Cassady Healea.

In the FFA, there are four degrees that a member can earn. The highest degree at the local level that you can earn is the chapter degree. This year the chapter degree was awarded to Natalie Bloom, Elijah Davis, Emilie Drumm, Meagan Everly, Zoe Parrott, and Morgan Wiseman.

There were many judging teams recognized at this years banquet for their accomplishments. The rural soil team this year consisted of Zoe Parrott, Zane Parrott, Morgan Wiseman, Macy Miracle, and Leslie Brubaker. They competed at the district contest where they placed sixth overall missing a trip to state by only one placing.

Northmor had an urban soil judging team which consisted of Aaron Berg, Aly Blunk, and Chris Bood. This team did very well at districts and moved onto state where they placed second overall at the state contest. They will go to Oklahoma to participate in the national contest in May.

The livestock judging team consisted of Leslie Brubaker, Emilie Drumm, Cassady Healea, Zoe Parrott, Ethan Trainer, and Maddison Yaussy. This team earned a second place finish at the district contest. Northmor also had a horse team this year that was full of rookies that consisted of Cassidy Dishong, Mackenna Gilliam, Kaydon Christo, and Britney Maynard.

The wildlife judging, all new members, were Kahlan Ball, Garrett Corwin, and TJ Diehl.

Two students participated in the public speaking contest. Lexie Wenger in the Creed contest and Zoe Parrott in beginning prepared contest. The next contest was job Interview contest that is a very practical for these students to participate in.

Wenger represented the freshmen, Zoe Parrott represented the sophomores, Cassady Healea represented the juniors, and Zane Parrott participated in the senior contest. Lexie won the district contest and competed in the state contest.

FFA advisor Ken Parrott presented various awards.

Star Greenhand was awarded to Lexie Wenger. Chris Bood got the Ag Credit 110 percent award. Aly Blunk was awarded the Senior Leadership award. Then Zane Parrott was given the Star Chapter Farmer award which is given to the FFA member that showed a great performance in their independent agricultural projects.

Proficiency awards recognize FFA members who have excelled in their independent projects. Winners included: Morgan Wiseman for small animal production. Macy Miracle for beef production. Cassady Healea for swine production. For poultry production Wyatt Reeder.

Zane Parrott was the winner for sheep production. Zane also was the state proficiency award winner last year for sheep. For equine placement Lexie Stoney was awarded. For forage production, Zane Parrott won with his project of five acres of hay.

Zane was also awarded with the diversified agriculture with his projects of sheep and hay. The landscape management was awarded to Meagan Everly. Ag Sales winner was Ethan Trainer with his project of firewood. In the area of diversified livestock with their projects of poultry and a beef feeder this award winner was Wyatt Reeder. Lastly in the area of vegetable production the winner was Mostyn Evans.

New officers were installed: Leslie Brubaker, vice president, Zoe Parrott, secretary, Macy Miracle, Treasurer, Wyatt Reeder, reporter, Emilie Drumm, sentinel, Brandon Planey and student advisor, Ethan Trainer.

Star Greenhand Lexi Wenger Greenhand Lexi Wenger Courtesy Photos

New officer team for Northmor FFA. officer team for Northmor FFA. Courtesy Photos

Star Chapter Farmer Zane Parrott Chapter Farmer Zane Parrott Courtesy Photos

By Emilie Drumm

FFA Reporter