2209 CR 69, Canaan Township, Robert and Deana Detwiler to Thomas Murphy and Sharon Robichaud, $177,500.

2459 CR 59, Canaan Township, Byron and Lori McLain to Dean and Jill Crosby, $130,000.

471 Kinsale Place, Cardington, Ronald and Christine Wellman to Adam and Kari Henthorn, $130,000.

Lot 8, Congress Township, Thomas Novisky to Troy Matheny, $380,000.

5973 CR 109, Franklin Township, Micahel and Amber Hoffman to Daniel Hughes and Ashley Davis, $255,000.

588 Grant St., Mount Gilead, Bryan Lancaster to Jack and Danielle Bault, $150,200.

901 E. High St., Mount Gilead, Pine Laks Golf Club VTM, LLC to 4KO LLC, $1,250,000.

CR 191, Harmony Township, Marcum Property Management Trust to Bruce and Jane Beacom, $144,000.

5055 CR 23, Harmony Township, RT Renovations LLC, to Ricky and Michelle Wolford, $179,500.

3920 CR 114, Harmony Township, Steven and Janice Hazelwood to Wells Fargo Bank, $81,000.

CR 169, Lincoln Township, Mary Ann Trimmer to Andrew and Holly Dudgeon, $59,000.

3208 CR 24, Lincoln Township, Homer Spaulding to Dalton Bischoff, $128,000.

9360 TR 249, North Bloomfield Township, David and Stephanie Connell to Nicholas Detray, $265,000.

6004 TR 80, Perry Township, Christopher Pajot to Machenzie Taylor, $70,000.

TR 166, Peru Township, Bruner Land Company to Adam and Crystal Bernard, $65,900.

570 CR 204, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Tim Hass to Jeffrey and Teresa Evans, $305,000.

975 TR 198, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Cindy Pursel to Jordan Crowe and Heather Krueger, $153,500.

2386 TR 6, Troy Township, Mark and Elizabeth Delaney to Brett and Jaime Bratton, $285,000.

1471 CR 159, Westfield Township, Niendam Trust to Kris and Carol Seitz, $245,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor

Source: Morrow County Auditor