Help with utilities available

Ohio Heartland Community Action Commission (OHCAC) is announcing an updated 2018-2019 funding for water utility assistance and copays for electric. Funding is available currently and ends Feb. 1, 2019.

This assistance is made possible by funds made available through the Foundation’s Del-Co Water Community Fund.

Benefits include: Up to $300 on a shut off notice for a water (All water company providers in Morrow County) or electric (Consolidated Electric customers only) bill. One-time a year assistance. See program requirements below

A disconnection notice IS required to participate in funding. If disconnect is larger than $300, customer must pay the copay of the remaining balance before assistance.

The following items must be provided at the time of application: Past 13 weeks of income for ALL household members, social security numbers for ALL household members, proof of citizenship for ALL household members, utility bill with account number(s).

To make an appointment at The Morrow County OHCAC, please call 419-946-2009 for water utility assistance, and 1-866-861-6421 for electric utility assistance.

Eligible applicant’s total household income must be at or below 175 percent of the 2018 Federal Poverty guidelines.

Size of Household Total Household Annual Income Previous 3 Months Income

1 $21,245 $5,311.25

2 $28,805 $7,201.25

3 $36,365 $9,091.25

4 $43,925 $10,971.25

5 $51,485 $12,871.25

6 $59,04 $14,761.25

7 $66,605 $16,651.25

8 $74,165 $18,541.25