Edison residents question council on truck purchase

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

EDISON — Village Council received an estimate on financing a new truck for the street department from First Knox National Bank Commercial Lender, Brandon Hayes at their Jan. 14 meeting.

Street department supervisor, Rod Clinger said that the lowest price on a new truck was $66,000 at Mathews Ford. That amount includes $33,000 for the truck and $35,000 for added equipment of snow plow and dump bed with spreader for salt and grit.

Edison resident Russ Cross asked about the condition of the truck and mileage. He said it seemed like a lot of money to spend. He asked why the truck was needed.

Clinger said that the truck has been having many repairs lately and it has been a problem since that is the only truck for the street department to use. The truck has about 60,000 miles on it and is about 11 years old. Many miles are when the truck is running on idle, which wears it out more quickly. The equipment on the truck is from an even older truck and is in bad shape.

Cross suggested that council look into how much has been spent on repairs in the last three years. Another resident asked if it would be possible to get new equipment add-ons for the present truck.

Council member Chris Kneipp commented that it is important to have the street work done and at the same time he agreed with Cross that it would be good to take a careful look at repair costs.

Clerk-treasurer, Bruce Seaburn said he will look into bills for truck repairs in the past three years and have a report for the next council meeting. Council agreed to table any decision on the truck until they had more information.

In other business:

• Six residents attending brought up questions on whether a new modular placed in the village complied with zoning regulations. The building in question on their street comes right up to the neighbor’s property line.

Roger Meyer, zoning inspector for the village, said that he had measured where the flags were placed before the building came and it was exactly the eight feet required by zoning regulations. He approved the permit on the basis of that measurement. He said no other measurements are needed.

Clancy Wyatt, Monica Rollins and other residents said that an addition of a garage was added to the modular about three weeks after the main house was installed. It was discussed that a resolution or an ordinance should be made that requires final approval to confirm that a building complies with permit instructions.

Meyer said the addition to the building was evidently placed after the permit was granted because it was not included in the permit. He and Seaburn will find the permit and proceed from there.

• Mayor Ackerman agreed that zoning regulations need to be reviewed and updated. The present regulations are from the early 1980s.

• Council approved bills for December in the amount of $15,265.48. A large amount of $5,712.76 went to pay bills for the Board of Public Affairs water/sewer project. They include Water Development Authority, McGhee’s Technical Water Services, and United Precast Industries.

The next Edison Council meeting will be Monday, February 11 in the Municipal Building.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel