Antique Tractor Pull results announced

By Evelyn Long - for the Morrow County Sentinel

The Morrow County Fairgrounds was buzzing with a variety of pulls, contests and derbies during the recent Farm Days Results of the Antique Tractor Pull were:

8500 Class: Derick Gallagher, first; Glenn Thompson, second; Rob Grogg third and Mike Worner, fourth

7500 Class: Todd Litten, first; Bob Grogg, second; Bob Goetez, third and Andy McDaniel, fourth

6500 Class: Bob Goetz, first; Todd Litten, second; Gary Crock, third and Bob Grogg, fourth;

5500 Class: Bob Goetz, first; Terry Keen, second; Bob Grogg, third and Ron Grogg, fourth

5000 Class: Bob Goetz, first; Terry Keen, second; Ron Grogg, third and Matt Puster, fourth

4500 Class: Ron Brokaw, first; Art Williams, second; Bob Goetz, third and Jim Young, fourth

4000 Class: Chuck Spoon, first; Ron Brokaw, second; Art William, third and Barny Fluty, fourth

3500 Class: Art Williams, first; Ron Brokaw, second; David Snyder, third and Danielle Hornsby, fourth

BLIND DRIVER; First place: Jeff Axthelm (driving) and Jim Rhoden (directing); Second place: Jim Rhoden (driving) and Jeff Axthelm (directing); Third Place: Mason Powell (driving) and John Powell (directing)

SLOW RACE: First: Mason Powell; second: Roger Harringer and third: Jeff Axthelm

LAWN MOWER SLOW RACE: First: Daniel Schaeufele; second: Trevor Boyle and third; Terry Kinsey

LAWN MOWER DEMOLITION DERBY; First: Tom Huggins; second: Brandon Daniels and third: Don Walters

SMALL TRUCK FIGURE 8: First: Tim Hoffman, second: Alex Fetter and third: Trevor Haycox

FULL TRUCK FIGURE 8 : First: Lonnie Scott; second: Mike McKinney, Jr and third: Jon Townsend

CARS: First: Cameron Grandstaff; second: Travis Snyder and third: Rob Snyder

Calling the Truck pulls was Jon Axthelm and Bill Creswell called the Demolition Derbies. Calling the two parades was Mike McKinney.

By Evelyn Long

for the Morrow County Sentinel