4929 CR 15, Bennington Township, Thomas and Carla Preston to Tim Hass, $80,000.

420 Douglas St., Cardington, Gary and Wanda Faust, co-trustees, to Richard and Deborah Hughes, $55,000.

401 S. Center St., Cardington, Larry and Jean Smith to Michael Hileman, $72,000.

244 Bantry Bay Blvd., Cardington, James and Lori Lehr to Jared and Hannah King, $154,000.

5705 CR 98, Congress Township, Curtis and Amber Hannah to Robert and Ashley Carroll, $177,000.

4774 CR 29, Congress Township, Lakewood Farms Inc., to Lakewood Farms Inc., $44,000.

Lots 239, 240, 241, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Daniel Turmelle and Jill Paige, $8,000.

Lots 7, 8, 9, 10, Congress Township, Jared Cass to Robert and Tara Hammons, $232,000.

Lot 103, Franklin Township, Dillon Moore to Linda Crumley, $1,500.

5405 TR 115, Franklin Township, David and Sandra Kinsey to Brandon and Eliana Carr, $359,900.

4341 SR 61, Gilead Township, Walter and Colleen Waddell to Ryan and Brenna Ball, $134,500.

214 W. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Zachary Gaitten to Brandon Rowe and Maranda Iezzi, $97,000.

589 Cypress Lane, Mount Gilead, Mark and Leslie White to Bethany Sergent, $170,900.

2440 TR 20, Harmony Township, LouAnn Holmes to Jordan Watson, $135,000.

TR 121, Harmony Township, Patricia Nauman, trustee, to Nathan Lewis and Shayna Ireland, $28,000.

2607 CR 184, Harmony Township, Bank of New York Mellon to Kevin and Kellie Squires, $25,500.

2067 CR 170, Harmony Township, Steven and Cumi Roberts to Scot Evans, $265,120.

4499 CR 179, Harmony Township, Delbristol Property Investments LLC to Ronald and Lynn Friedrich, $319,700.

2535 CR 26, Harmony Township, Ruth Daugherty to David and Jennifer Hollabaugh, $190,000.

4871 CR 23, Harmony Township, Wes and Natalie Linkous to Landon Denes, $174,900.

4514 CR 23, Harmony Township, James K. Everhart II to Scott Likens, $269,700.

SR 529, Lincoln Township, William Heacock to Todd and Jamie Etgen, $55,000.

8820 CR 20, North Bloomfield Township, Michael and Deborah Blubaugh to John and Callie Murphy, $60,000.

4615 TR 31, North Bloomfield Township, Charles and Pamela Earhart to Aaron Lietzy, $209,000.

4988 Donna Drive, North Bloomfield Township, Jack and Thelma Snyder to Ralph and Judy Perry, $135,000.

1360 TR 221, Peru Township, Marva Bennett to Roger and Carolyn Stout, $211,000.

1245 TR 222, Peru Township, Kenneth and Kelly Gilkerson to Ronald and Terri Foltz, $290,777.

7665 CR 201, South Bloomfield Township, Larry Hawkins to James Lupton, $160,000.

CR 50, Troy Township, Beal Family Trust to Dale and Linda Schroeder Farms LLC, $195,978.

1986 CR 156, Westfield Township, Michael Graham to Janna Workman, $15,000.

1278 CR 149, Westfield Township, Robert and Eileen Chappell to Jakeb Prokopchak, $205,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.