842 CR 170, Bennington Township, Nathan Lewis to Angela Young, $155,000.

4128 TR 216, Bennington Township, Doretta Malone to William and Jo Ann Lyon revocable living trust, $53,000.

3903 SR 229, Bennington Township, Henry and Debra Steinhausser to James and Cathy Johnson, $37,500.

1432 CR 26, Bennington Township, Tracy Schindley to JA and Emily Amweg, $442,000.

1926 TR 170, Bennington Township, Edward and Adrienne Robson to Kathryn Breker, $135,100.

2036 SR 95, Canaan Township, Michael and Tiffany Klein to Darren Bush, $77,500.

2718 CR 59, Canaan Township, ATB Properties LLC to Joshua and Jessica Irwin, $144,270.

2027 SR 95, Canaan Township, Amanda Kunze to William and Charlene Bricker, $74,000.

1430 TR 67, Canaan Township, Charles Cooper to Mark Whitfield, $50,000.

6889 TR 66, Canaan Township, Lyle and Janice Barnum to Sarah Johnston, $234,000.

7630 CR 64, Canaan Township, Jacqueline Davis to Leibengood Enterprises LLC, $14,500.

120 Cunard St., Cardington, Roger Ostrom et al to Delbristol Property Investments LLC, $35,000.

116 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 to Shawn Sanborn, $52,000.

3655 TR 178, Chester Township, Kevin and Rebecca Hessey et al to Caylan and Catherine Hord, $480,000.

SR 95, Chester Township, Wayne Bradley Properties LLC to Gujju Investment Co. Inc., $1.350,000.

2488 TR 181, Chester Township, Right Way Properties LLC to Bryan and Diann Conant, $94,500.

6095 TR 175, Chester Township, Jon Squires et al to Shawn and Amy Rinehart, $50,000.

Lots 116, 117, Congress Township, Rebecca Harrah to Seth and Sarah Jackson, $47,900.

Lots 52, 53, Congress Township, Ronald and Carla Coleman to Brock and Sara Dietrich, $35,000.

Lot 231, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association Inc. to Dale and Janis Goetzke, $4,500.

Lot 2, Congress Township,, Cutrupi Development Company LLC to Michael and Sheila Galat, $125,000.

CR 98, Franklin Township, Donald and Louella Chapman Family Trust to Justin and Krista Staton, $30,000.

6555 CR 109, Franklin Township, GREM LLC to Richard and Melissa Benson, $100,000.

6871 CR 14, Franklin Township, Andy and Katie Schwartz to Jonathan and Mary Miller, $235,000.

Lot 10, Franklin Township, Iles Family Trust to Jerry Estep, $9,000.

202 N. Main St., Mount Gilead, Jeffrey Owens to David Young, $150,000.

456 Dogwood Lane, Mount Gilead, Ethel Mosier to Karey Reymer, $91,800.

TR 20, Harmony Township, Patricia Nauman, trustee, to Zachariah Daugherty, $55,400.

2177 CR 170, Harmony Township, Selena Fuller to Beau Hammock et al, $216,900.

8616 CR 38, North Bloomfield Township, Eric Elswick to Joseph Rockhold, $20,000.

6947 TR 85, Perry Township, Daniel and Janet Rhodebeck to Jacob and Regina Meadows, $85,000.

7265 TR 95, Perry Township, Zachary and Larissa Channell to Bryan and Larissa Hammoond, $125,000.

TR 166, Peru Township, Dildine Revocable Trust to Bruner Land Company Inc., $703,000.

CR 24, Peru Township, James Landman to Jessica Carpenter, $85,000.

South Bloomfield Township, Amanda Braun and Kevin Farson to Short Family Trust, $45,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.