Coffee bar coming at Cardington-Lincoln High School

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Several reports were given when the Cardington-Lincoln Board of Education met Sept. 10 in regular session.

Deb Hart, Food Service Director, said she had conducted a Professional Training session for food service staff with 115 in attendance including all of the Cardington kitchen staff. Fourteen school districts were represented.

She has scheduled the same type of session for Aug. 1, 2019.

Hart said a coffee bar will begin operation at the Cardington-Lincoln High School on Oct. 1 and will serve all staff members and high school students. There will be small snacks for $1 to $2.

Breakfast will be served until 9:30 a.m. She said a $1,500 grant from American Dairy Association will offset the costs. She said a breakfast will be served for parents of grade school students on Oct. 9 and biscuits and gravy for grandparents on Oct. 12.

In other business:

• School Resource Officer Jason Keifer was introduced to the board.

Superintendent Brian Petrie commended him for the job he is doing and said “He is a valuable member of our community and is working to make our students feel safe.” Board member Matt Meyers said, “We’re glad to have you. I can’t think of a thing that is negative about having you here.”

• Petrie reviewed the Summer Meal program with 6,058 lunches were served in Cardington and Mount Gilead.

“We took a slight loss and want to see how to correct it. I’m glad we did the program as we learned something about the operation and will make adjustments. We must increase the Mount Gilead participation.”

He said 60 meals a day were served at Cardington.

• Vickie Kermin gave a presentation on the Cardington-Lincoln Education Foundation and said only 51 backpacks are left from the 470 donated by Costco. She also gave an update on the 2018 Holiday Bazaar taking place in November.

• Petrie reviewed the wages paid to substitute teachers and compared that of Cardington to other area schools, which ranged as high as $105.

He noted that the cost for the district has run about $73,000 a year. He has talked to other district superintendents and they are also raising their pay. Cardington district has about 16 regular subs, he said. The board agreed to raise the local substitute pay from $78.82 to $85 per day.

He also reviewed the enrollment history of the school, noting that it slumped during the financial crisis of several years ago but has slowly increased.

The decline started in 2008. He said the recession probably had something to do with that decline. “We were going through our own crisis and it may have driven some away.”

He cited the development going into the Sunbury area which, in the long-run, may help the district. “When the district building took place we were equipped to serve 1600 students,” he said. “If we can maintain the enrollment we have we will be in good shape.”

• Board members accepted the resignations of Nicole Hiett and Tari Eastep, both elementary aides. Resignation of Rodney Brown, head boys basketball coach, was accepted effective Aug. 16. The resignation of Sarah Shade, aide, was accepted effective Sept. 6.

• Overnight trip for eighth grade students to Washington, D.C. May 22-25 was approved.

• Chuck Jones, board member, led a moment of silence commemorating Sept. 11.

• The board will meet Oct, 8.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel