Edison Council gets response from state patrol on speeding

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

EDISON — Village fiscal officer Bruce Seaburn gave council members a copy of the letter from the Mount Gilead State Highway Post Commander, Lt. Gurjit Grewal. It concerned the post’s cooperation in patrolling Edison due to the high average rate of speeding through the village..

Grewal said, “Troopers from the Mount Gilead Post will do what we can to increase our patrol in the Village of Edison.”

Grewal said due to the area it covers in Morrow and Knox counties, “I cannot promise when and how often we will be in your area, but we will certainly make every effort.”

Seaburn also gave council members an email letter from the Ohio State Highway Patrol Officer assigned to the village. Although he has other areas to patrol, one assignment is to be in Edison on some dates to watch for speeding and any other reckless driving.

Speeding has been a major concern for residents for some time. Since Edison no longer has a police officer in the village, there is are safety concerns for pedestrians. Council members expressed their appreciation to have the cooperation of the patrol, both on State Route 95 and in the village.

Edison resident Herb Dempster spoke about his suggestion on slowing down speeders. He had spoken with council member Erica Walsh to find out what was being done about speeding and heard about the possibility of speed bumps on some streets.

Dempster said he liked the idea of speed bumps and would like to see them on all the streets in the village. Walsh said she had done some research into the possibility of having speed bumps on the streets and presented her findings to the council.

First of all, Walsh found that what the village would have are “speed humps,” not “speed bumps.” Speed bumps are more for parking lots, while speed humps are used on streets.

The type she saw to fit Edison’s purpose is made from recycled rubber material and each section would be about $100. The main thing needed would be to measure streets to see what sizes were needed.

The street humps would be used from spring through fall and would be taken up in November before winter and freezing weather.

The council discussed the possibility and decided that Boundary and State Streets would be the first to be measured for humps. Street supervisor, Rod Clinger agreed to do the measurements needed for the company.

In other business:

Clinger reported that painting on the street crosswalks is completed. The street department has plans to patch any potholes before the winter weather sets in. Brian Shook is installing a new traffic light at the intersection of Boundary and SR 95.

Council approved the third reading of Ordinance 2018-04, which will establish new monthly rates for sewer/water. Rates per house and apartment inside the village will be $44 per month, $64.00 per house outside the village, $48 per business inside the village, $68 per business outside the village.

Council approved payment of bills for August of $13,282.80 and for September $1,444.38. Mayor Sandy Ackerman said the fire contract with Mount Gilead Fire Department has been approved and signed through 2021. Ackerman will call Delco about flushing village water hydrants.

Council approved a resolution that allows the council to have access to the State of Ohio Cooperative Purchasing Program. This will allow the village to bid on equipment and also on a truck for the Street Department. Clinger said that this allows the village to purchase a vehicle at a much reduced amount because it is limited only to government entities.

Council authorized Seaburn to attend Fiscal officer training in Columbus on Oct. 30 and Chris Kneipp to attend council officer training for public records on Nov. 13.

The next meeting of the Edison Village Council will be at 7 p.m. Monday, Oct. 8.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel