26 E. Walnut St., Marengo, Roger and Kimberley Stephens to Fred Howard,$132,210.

315 Williams St., Cardington, Aaron and Rigina Hitchcock to Shellie Lindsey and Jamie Clevenger, $152,000.

Cardington Township, Brigit Ryan to Gold River LLC, $22,000.

Cardington Township, Christopher Myers to Lori and Troy Vance, $30,000.

Cardington Township, Tamara Hemingway to Douglas and Bobie Goodman, $25,000.

Cardington Township, David and Jennifer Hollabaugh to Adam and MichelleCurry, $195,500.

2097 County Road 180, Chester Township, Ramona Fleming to Raymond and Amanda Hubschman, $113,000.

6665 County Road 179, Chester Township, Jeremy and Kelsey Jenkins to Garrett and Amanda Johnson, $195,000.

2227 Township Road 180, Chester Township, Russell Garris to William Baldwin, $100,880.

Lots 105, 106, 107, Congress Township, Larry and Nancy Taylor to Shawn Chafin, $45,000.

Lots 80, 81, Congress Township, Stanley and Margaret Clay to Richard and Sarah McClusky, $36,000.

Lot 135, Congress Township, Michael and Andrea Quinn to Andrew and Karen Limbert, $360,500.

Lot 268, Congress Township, Eric and Mary Moore to Gnaro and Linda Menendez,$432,000.

Lot 178, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Gary and Carol Begeman, $30,000.

Lots 193 to 199, Congress Township, Thomas Moore to Michael Gorsuch, $275,000.

Lot 9, Congress Township, Kevin and Jennifer Brady to Richard Bennett, $420,000.

4297 State Route 314, Franklin Township, Robert and Kristine Quinn to Roger and Megan Ward, $86,000.

4364 County Road 20, Franklin Township, Jeremy and Kera Kiser to Douglas and Elizabeth Elliott, $35,000.

3066 County Road 67, Gilead Township, Stanley and Cecelia Harper, trustees of trust to Stanley and Cecelia Harper, trustees of trust, $250,000.

3070 County Road 67, Gilead Township, Stanley and Cecelia Harper to Ramiro and Maria Martinez, $250,000.

5509 County Road 30, Gilead Township, Thomas and Diane Geyer to Jason and Jess Moshr, $130,000.

South Towship Road 99, Gilead Township, Kenneth and Emily Smith to Justin Jordan, $99,000.

306 Lincoln Ave., Mount Gilead, Sarah Pfeiffer to Erin Stimmel, $98,000.

133 Iberia St., Mount Gilead, Geyers Market to Shay Corporation, $330,000.

118 N. Walnut St., Mount Gilead, Marsha Cronin to Maxwell Oyer, $79,000.

716 Westview Drive, Mount Gilead, Connie Scarbrough and Shona Searls to Joseph and Anna Stossel, $128,000.

304 Main St., Mount Gilead, David and Stacie Swickheimer to Larry and Barbara Standley, $195,000.

405 Catalpa Lane, Mount Gilead, David and Sherri Dyer to Joseph and Abby Ditomassi, $185,000.

Gilead Township, Anna Roberson to Bryan Lancaster, $116,000.

5386 Township Road 187, Harmony Township, Richard Martin to Gary Harman, $159,000.

5331 Township Road 187, Harmony Township, Frank Whitehead to Christopher and Tammy Leadbetter, $10,000.

4920 Township Road 179, Harmony Township, Wade Smith to Ross and Megan Porter, $133,000.

4481 County Road 23, Harmony Township, James and Norma Everhart, trustees, to Aaron and Samantha Roberts, $131,000.

3540 Township Road 161, Lincoln Township, Richard Vaughn to Luke and Matthew Wenger, $50,000.

3836 County Road 25, Lincoln Township, Mark Lewis to Helen Biddlestone, $151,700.

136 E. Main St., Fulton, Edward Nowak to Lee Horton, $89,500.

5480 State Route 288, Douglas and Denise Neer to Casey and Megan Roshon, $305,000.

7411 Township Road 80, Perry Township, Joe and Angie Rockhold to Vern and Dana Dille, $184,500.

County Road 59, Perry Township, James Strauch to Joshua and Andrea Chase, $37,000.

1893 County Road 219, Peru Township, Donald and Dolly Patten, trustees, to Robert Smith, $115,000.

7221 State Route 229, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, April and Travis Main to Martha McGlone, $235,000.

State Route 229, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Bonnie Swank to HSRR Limited, LLC, $188,500.

9125 County Road 50, Troy Township, Richard and Gail Billings to Chad and Rachael Lewis, $250,000.

9239 State Route 314, Troy Township, Bob McElroy Realty to Terry and Amy Zornes, $150,000.

8315 County Road 30, Washington Township, Ann Pfister to Patrick and Michelle Litell, $49,500.

8730 Township Road34, Washington Township, Christopher and Stacey Sharp to Stephen and Rochelle McCollum, $201,000.

1661 County Road 155, Westfield Township, Debbie Gilmore to Jeffrey McNichols and Liza Rawlins, $385,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.