Seniors advised to drink water

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

Candace Herr, Morrow County OSU Extension Agent, was the guest speaker when Cardington seniors met for its monthly luncheon on July 27.

Herr shared the history of extension agents associated with land grant universities such as Ohio State University. This gave people one place to go for correct information on various topics, she said noting that extension agents were known as Home Ec agents up until about 20 years ago.

Her topic was “Water Thirst for Hurts.” She gave reasons to drink H20 instead of sugary and diet drinks. Excessive sugar can cause diabetes-Type II, stroke, heart attack, obesity and inflammation and joint pain.

She shared how to calculate the amount of sugar and calories in various drinks and noted that sports drinks provide only temporary boost in energy.

A handout was given on how to make “infused” water. This provides a tasty alternative to plain water without adding sugars. Fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices can be added to water either separately or in combination.

Allow the drink to set awhile to obtain a good flavor, she advised.

Those attending received an OSU logo and a bottle of water.

The next meeting will be held Aug. 24 at noon at the Seniors on Center. It was agreed that each person attending bring something of interest to others. There will also be a program.

Shirley Robinson and Carolyn Poorman provided cookies for this meeting. Marlene Renz and Linda Ruehrmund will do the same for the August meeting.

Reservations and cancellations for the August meeting must be made by noon, Thursday, Aug. 23, by calling 419-946-4191.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel