25 CR 26, Bennington Township, Kelly Tomlinson-Pinkam to Gildea Paige, $299,800.

SR 61, Bennington Township, FFLH Limited to Dollar Tree Distribution Inc., $2,460,334.

SR 61, Bennington Township, Walter Fishburn, trustee, to Dollar Tree Distribution Inc., $723,319.

SR 61, Bennington Township, Morrow Meadows Development Inc. to Dollar Tree Distribution Inc., $436,433.

1120 CR 170, Bennington Township, Timothy and Ronda Siegfried to Jeffrey and Lisa Gress, $150,000.

TR 211, Bennington Township, Shirley Pritchard to Timothy Hass, $46,000.

TR 213, Bennington Township, Joseph and LeeAnn VanGorden to Carolyn Miller, $50,000.

1257 CR 170, Bennington Township, Jason Wickware to Theresa Kingsmill, $203,000.

5577 CR 213, Bennington Township, Tim Hass to Nicholas and Janelle Mundy, $55,000.

5220 CR 15, Bennington Township, Matthew Tuggle to Anthony and Linda Walter, $73,277.

20 N. Liberty St., Marengo, Richard and Geneva Zimmerman to Duane Campbell, $40,000.

5210 CR 9, Big Head Builders LLC to Andrew and Christy Crump, $259,900.

425 Gregory St., Cardington, Floyd and Lora Blackhawk to Helen White, $65,000.

209 Marion St., Cardington, T. Roberts Investments LLC to Heite Investments LLC, $70,000.

102 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 LP to Stanley Smales, $52,000.

TR 182, Chester Township, John Myers to Brittany Norcross, $125,000.

3591 CR 172, Chester Township, Dustin Lynch to Joshua Croy, $127,000.

2299 TR 180, Chester Township, Thomas and Jenell Stanley to Quinton and Bethany Squires, $153,000.

5680 SR 42, Chester Township, Allen and Joyce Daugherty to Mark and Bethany Matuch, $144,000.

CR 22, Congress Township, Sundie Brown to Randy and Lorraine Wright, $331,200.

Lots 129, 130, Congress Township, David and Tracie Winand to Melinda Galleher, $155,000.

Lots 277, 278, Congress Township, Kenneth Hull to Brandy Saylor, $162,700.

Lot 348, Congress Township, Nadine Patrick to Jeffrey and Mahala Bowman, $8,000.

Lots 15, 16, Congress Township, Cutrupi Development Co. LLC to Dionysis Klironomos and Jacqueline Boutilier, $140,000.

7450 CR 14, Franklin Township, David and Esther Miller to Wayne and Claara Miller, $260,000.

4004 CR 98, Franklin Township, Heron Creek Farm LLC to Tony Stillwell, $185,000.

1002 Lot, Franklin Township, Vernon and Pamela Conners to Jason Demers, $8,000.

899 Lot, Franklin Township, Larry Elliott to Pamela Conners to Jason Demers, $8,000.

5282 SR 314, Franklin Township, Levi and Sarah Troyer to Paul and Fannie Keim, $180,000.

4800 TR 112, Gilead Township, Dale and Sandra Randall to Christopher Davis and Julie Harden, $422,000.

TR 105, Gilead Township, Dan Bending to David Brooks, $285,000.

349 W. High St., Mount Gilead, Kristal Smith to Justin Travis, $27,000.

Lincoln Street rear, Mount Gilead, Deborah Bachelder to Aaron and Dana Jaffee, $150,000.

118 W. Marion St., Mount Gilead, Kinzie Porter to John and Beth Bumgardner, $72,000.

138 E. North St., Mount Gilead, Ryan and Kristin Widzinski to Maureen Flora, $119,900.

185 Fairway Lane, Mount Gilead, Lee and Mary Jo Wilson to Michael and Monica Klemann, $339,900.

5655 CR 187, Harmony Township, Tom Swanson to Johnathan and Tianna Bartlett, $113,500.

3810 CR 114, Harmony Township, Donald and Pamela Morrison to Gregory and Cindy Johnson, $45,000.

162 E. Main St., Fulton, Andrew and Christy Crump to Malena Howitz, $183,000.

9136 CR 38, North Bloomfield Township, Tri-State Youth Authority Inc. to Scott and Ruth Hudnall, $155,000.

9576 CR 38, North Bloomfield Township, Alex and Jennifer Toth to Morgan Williams and Taylor Guinther, $45,000.

6835 TR 91, Perry Township, H&H Custom Homes LLC to Todd and Carie Shepherd, $358, 210.

7237 TR 80, Perry Township, Teresa Hendricks to Floyd and Daniel Yoder, $235,000.

3758 TR 21, Peru Township, Joshua Etue to Delbristol Property Investment, $20,300.

7200 CR 199, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Todd Compton to William and Aundrrea Hecker, $77,000.

TR 197, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Shawn and Brooke Webb, $100,000.

6927 CR 57, Troy Township, Cathy Reed to Joshua and Kimberly Lehman, $95,100.

CR 21, Westfield Township, Randy and Stephanie Hines to Chittana Vatthanatham, $45,000.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.