UPDATE: Dogs kill cat, rabbits, chickens in Cardington

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — A warm and sunny Sunday in July was disrupted when two dogs went on a rampage that resulted in the deaths of pet chickens, rabbits and pet cats in the village.

The carnage occurred July 22 and again on Sunday, July 29, and a portion of it was viewed by this writer. It’s rare to see dogs running loose in the village. The common scene is that of dogs being walked on leashes handled by their owners or caretakers.

Cardington village has strict ordinances regarding dogs and other animals running at large, one of the strictest in the area.

So, it was a unusual to have unleashed dogs inflict the damage that was done. Reports indicated a resident on East Main Street lost six of his 11 chickens that were living in a sturdy well built coop with a locked front door and a thick window on the back and this is where the dogs broke through.

Pet rabbits, also secured in their locked hutches were killed, one on South Marion Street, one on Park Avenue one on Midland Avenue and another rabbit on South Marion Street, caged in its hutch, was critically mauled on July 29. Baby chicks were also destroyed on Nichols Street.

Handling the first case was Morrow County Dog Warden Sarina Atwell, who researched the dog tab data base and went to the dog owner’s house based on the description of the dogs.

Atwell did a narrowed search in the tag database, of their breeds and location, which brought up several owners. She then narrowed it down based on address.

When she visited the residence, the dogs were back in their crates. She wrote the owner two citations for dogs running at large.

Again, on Sunday, July 29, a Cardington police officer addressed this complaint who said one of the two dogs (the husky) was transported by a sheriff’s deputy to the dog shelter at the request of Warden Atwell because she was not on duty. This dog will not be returned to its owner, who was willing to release it without incident.

The situation with the second dog is ongoing. Cardington Mayor Susie Peyton said the village is working with its solicitor to resolve the case based on its ordinances.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel