450 Treesong, Bennington Township, Adam and Kristie Ray to Evan and Jessica Troyer, $349,900.

4940 TR 211, Earl and Vicky Farmer to Robert and Joy Barrick, $332,000.

19 W. Williams St., Marengo, Joseph Porter et al to Roger and Catrina Burley, $180,000.

139 Gilead St., Cardington, Wesley and Bethany Goodman to Michael Slusher, $230,000.

150 E. Main St., Cardington, U.S. National Bank Association to Deborah Bachelder, $36,000.

121 Lowenstein Lane, Cardington, Buckeye Community Hope 5 LP to Michael and Kelly Kirkpatrick, $52,000.

SR 95, Chester Township, Dustin Beheler to Stephen and Laura Miller revocable trust, $410,000.

5956 CR 93, Congress Township, Bruce and Kathy Lanker, trustees, to Jeremy and Jacquelynn Arnold, $25,000.

5913 TR 106, Congress Township, Joseph Powell to Matthew and Samantha Keeler, $118,900.

4723 TR 59, Congress Township, Eric and Keysha Gekler to Donald Hosmun, $217,500.

7055 TR 76, Congress Township, Joshua Hinton to Joseph and Angela Powell, $46,000.

Lot 373, Congress Township, Candlewood Lake Association to Chris and Kim Stevens, $4,900.

Lots 69 and 70, Congress Township, Clarence W. Dolloway to Catherine Stimson, $142,500.

CR 98, Franklin Township, Heron Creek Farms to Donald and Louella Chapman, $135,000.

6493 SR 95, Franklin Township, Heron Creek Farm LLC to Donald and Louella Chapman, $135,000.

4650 CR 118, Franklin Township, Kim McFann to GREM LLC, $38,000.

TR 14, Franklin Township, Gerald and Debra Vance to Brian McKibben, $300,000.

4746 TR 115, Franklin Township, Mary Webb to Tara Wilsworth, $140,000.

215 Broadway St., Edison, Andrew Orecchio to Melissa Beard, $104,000.

4473 SR 95, Gilead Township, Caleb and Marissa Sizemore to Ronald and Glenna Price, $156,400.

5568 US 42, Gilead Township, Robert and Sheryl Bailey, trustees, to Melvin Wigton, $125,900.

516 Dogwood St., Mount Gilead, Gregg Shoewalter to Michael and Marlene Lancaster, $126,000.

4930 CR 23, Harmony Township, Russell and Amy Ciballi to John Coffman, $252,000.

320 W. High St., Fulton, Chad Caudy to Ronald and Martha Meier, $110,000.

9782 Ketterman Drive, Galion, HP Homes LLC to Jason Cowles and Kristie Thompson, $92,500.

207 CR 24, Peru Township, Jane Rutan, trustee, to Luke and Lynnea Soposki, $260,000.

1726 CR 166, Peru Township, Amy Ruggles to Yony Umana, $15,000.

TR 221, Peru Township, Charles and Wendy Carpenter to Terrance and Cassi Dye, $100,000.

7385 CR 201, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, John Spencer to Joseph and Heather Moyer, $170,000.

1585 TR 205, South Bloomfield Cemetery Township, Jason and Robin Santo to Brady Young, $270,000.

7236 SR 97, Troy Township, Michael Snyder to Mansfield SR 97 DG LLC, $144,000.

8567 Bucyrus St., Iberia, Katrina Stamper to Daniel and Nadia Bruce, $46,600.

Source: Morrow County Auditor.