Voters defeat 911 levy; Bennington approves road issue

By Alberta Stojkovic - The Sentinel

MOUNT GILEAD — Morrow County Commissioners expressed disappointment that the county’s 911 issue failed in the May 8 primary election.

“We missed the boat on educating people for the need for this issue,” Commissioner Warren Davis said.

The issue went down, with 2,513 yes votes to 2,905 no votes.

However, Davis said that the margin was much closer than the fall vote where the issue lost by more than 1,000 votes.

Commissioner Tom Whiston added, “We will continue to educate voters on the need.”

Whiston added that the amount 911 was asking was only $25 per year more for parcel of land. He said that is the smallest amount for a levy request that he has ever seen.

“Will it take a tragic emergency like they had in Cincinnati for people to understand the need for 911?” Davis asked, referring to the death of a teen last month when the outdated 911 system failed.

• The Washington Township effort to repeal county zoning in the township also failed with 83 yes votes and 141 no votes.

• Bennington Township’s roads renewal levy passed with 309 for votes and 184 no votes. Morrow County voters also had a majority of yes votes for the state issue for more equitable voting districts. There were 3,147 votes for Issue 1 and 2,052 votes no.

The two county candidates decided in the primary were Whiston for County Commissioner and Mike Goff for County Treasurer. In a close Commissioners race, Whiston won with 51.7 percent, 1931 votes to Mike Sayers’ 1803 votes.

For the unexpired Treasurer term ending on Sept. 5, 2021, Goff won with 1,957 votes to Dennis Leaders’ 1,610 votes.

There were no Democrat candidates for local races, so the primary decided the county candidates.

In the Democrat contest for Governor, county voters followed the statewide pattern giving Cordray/Sutton 69.26 percent to Kucinich’s 17.21 percent.

County Republicans gave Mary Taylor their majority of yes votes with 53.97 percent while giving the statewide winner, DeWine 46.03 percent.

County Republicans gave Melanie Leneghan the most votes for 12th Congressional District with 31.53 percent, Troy Balderson with 23.96 percent, Tim Kane with 17.96 percent, and Kevin Bacon with 12.99 percent. The other six candidates had less than 5 percent.

County Democrats backed Danny O’Connor with 29.17 percent, Zach Scott with 21.22 percent and Ed Albertson with 20.70 percent.

Votes are final, unofficial until certified by the board of elections. Voter turnout was just under 22 percent in the county, according to the Morrow County Board of Elections.

By Alberta Stojkovic

The Sentinel