State Executive Offices

Governor/Lt Governor


Richard Cordray & Betty Sutton

Larry E. Ealy & Jeffrey Lynn

Dennis John Kucinich & Tara L. Samples

Bill O’Neill & Chantelle C. Lewis

Paul E. Ray & Jerry M. Schroeder

Joe Schiavoni & Stephanie Dodd

Constance Gadell-Newton & Brett R. Joseph


Mike DeWine & Jon Husted

Mary Taylor & Nathan D. Estruth

Attorney General


Steve Dettelbach


Dave Yost

Auditor of State


Zack Space


Keith Faber

Secretary of State


Kathleen Clyde


Frank LaRose

Treasurer of State


Rob Richardson


Paul Curry, Write-In Treasurer of State


Sandra O’Brien

Robert Sprague

U.S. Congress

12 district-unexpired

term ending 01/03/2019


Ed Albertson

Danny O’Connor

Jackie Patton

John Russell

Zach Scott

Doug Wilson


Joe Manchik


Kevin Bacon

Troy Balderson

Lawrence Cohen

Jon Halverstadt

Tim Kane

Melanie Leneghan

Pat Manley

Carol O’Brien

Mick Shoemaker

U.S. Senator


Sherrod Brown


Philena Irene Farley, Write-In


Melissa Ackison

Don Elijah Eckhart

Mike Gibbons

Dan Kiley

Jim Renacci

Timothy A. Pinion, Write-In

Ohio House of Representatives

State Representative

87 District


Mary E. PierceBroadwater


Riordan T. McClain

Steve Reinhard

Doug Weisenauer

Ohio Supreme Court

Court Term 01/02/2019

Michael P. Donnelly

Craig Baldwin

Melody J. Stewart

Mary DeGenaro

Ohio Court of Appeals

(Fifth District)

Appeals Term

commencing 2/09/2019

John W. Wise, Republican.

commencing 2/10/2019

Scott Gwin, Democrat.

commencing 2/11/2019

Patricia A. Delaney, Democrat.

commencing 2/11/2019

Andrew King, Republican.

County Administrative Offices

County Commissioner

Full term 01/01/2019


Michael Sayers

Tom Whiston

County Auditor

Patricia K. Davies County Auditor

County Treasurer

Unexpired term ending



Michael D. Goff

Dennis A. Leader

Court of Common Pleas Judge


Robert C. Hickson, Jr.

Party Offices

(State and County Central Committee)

Committeeman, 26th district

Randy Weston, Democrat

Gary Click, Republican

Committeewoman, 26th district

Carolyn Weston, Democrat

Lisa Cooper, Republican

Amy Golamb, Republican

County Central Committee

William P. Young, Republican

Terry Grange, Democrat

Teresa J. Miller, Republican

Judith A. Myers, Democrat

Robin L. LaRoche, Republican

Marolyn Buckel, Democrat

Troy D. Landon, Republican

Tim D. Abraham, Republican

Pamela S. Johnson, Republican

Susan L. Grundy, Democrat

Patricia K. Davies, Republican

Jacob Serio, Republican

Kathleen Adams, Democrat

Penny J. Porter, Republican

Jon B. Sippel, Democrat

Dennis Leader, Republican

Kindra Pearce, Republican

Patti Baker, Democrat

Kimberly Bood, Republican

Julia M. Blankenship, Republican

Mark A. Parker, Republican

Erica Walsh, Republican

Andrew Henry, Democrat

Chris A. Plough, Republican

Michael S. Porter, Democrat

Vanessa Gingerich, Republican

Tom Whiston, Republican

Donna Carver, Democrat

Marilyn L. Smith, Democrat

Dixie L. Shinaberry, Republican

Hollis Howland, Republican

Nelson E. Hack, Republican

Dennis W. Richardson, Republican

Judith McKirgan, Democrat

Larry D. Harden, Republican

Lindsey Kohlenburg, Democrat

Dan Osborne, Republican

Sara J. Lawrence, Democrat

Michael G. Struck, Republican

Kathleen Winters, Democrat

Robert A. Mahlman, Republican

Belva E. Fissell, Republican

James P. Carroll, Republican

Patricia A. Wenger, Republican

Terrence L. Sautter, Democrat

Mary Jean Bane, Republican

Stephen W. Ritz, Republican

Bruce Lanker, Republican

Diane Farahay, Democrat

Julie Stake, Republican

Debbie Turpen, Democrat

Loren Altizer, Republican

Melinda Wilczynski, Republican

Richard C. Sears, Jr., Democrat

William D. Short, Republican

Margaret A. Litt, Democrat

John M. Carter, Republican

Walter W. Nelson, Republican

Jared Gandelot, Democrat

Sheree Graham, Republican

State Issues

Issue 1

Creates a bipartisan, public process for drawing congressional districts.

Local Questions and Issues

Morrow County 911 System

Increase of $25.00 per year which will total $50.00 per improved lot or parcel per year, effective 2019.

Bennington Township/Renewal

General construction roads & bridges-2 mills-3 years, 003.TWP, Bennington Township East, 006.MVH, Bennington Township West, 006.TWP, Bennington Township West.

Washington Township

Repeal of County zoning plan for unincorporated area; 099.NOR, Washington Township.

SOURCE: Morrow County Board Of Elections.

SOURCE: Morrow County Board Of Elections.