Mount Gilead Police calls

March 23-28

Woman cited

Officer assisted EMS and Medic 2 units with a woman who was reportedly naked and drinking hydrogen peroxide on Westview Drive. She was cited for disorderly conduct.

Assistance given

Officer assisted hospital staff with a combative patient.


The driver of a semi truck had a medical emergency while traveling south on North Main Street. As a result eight vehicles were struck.

Erratic driving

A man was reportedly driving erratically on State Route 61 south of the village. He was located at a business, but was not in the vehicle. He was driving with a suspended operators license.

Warnings given

A man and a woman were arguing in a parking lot on West Marion Road. Officer spoke with both and were given disorderly conduct warnings.

Juvenile complaint

Several juveniles were reported going in and out of an abandoned house on Lincoln Avenue. There were no signs of entry and they were released to their parents.

Narcotics complaint

A woman was found smoking a tobacco product out of a glass pipe in a parking lot on West Marion Road. No other narcotics were found. She was found to have a suspended license and the officer took the key to release to a valid driver.

Verbal dispute

A loud argument on Lee Street was investigated. There were no assault or threats of assault made.

Gunshots heard

A report of gunshots was made in the area of North Walnut Street. Nothing was located.


A woman was arrested for shoplifting at a store on West Marion Road. Marijuana, pills and suspected methamphetamines were located her vehicle.