Mt. Gilead Police Calls May 21 – May 28


2:21 am – Officer found several trees behind the high school to be toilet-papered. Officer and a school employee checked out the grounds and the buildings and there were no signs of damage.

5:52 am – Rear door at Pizzaburg found to be unsecured.

9:30 am – Asst with drug sweep at Tomorrow Center School.

1:52 pm – A caller reported a possible fight between juveniles at the Cherry St. pool. Officers arrived before an altercation could occur and dispersed the crowd of juveniles, including two girls who had planned to fight. Both girls were sent home with adults.

2:12 pm – A business on S. Main St. reported an order was made for merchandise on a stolen credit card.

4:05 pm – A caller advised police of a sign at Iberia and Park ave that was bent over and protruding into the street. The street dept. was notified.

4:18 pm – A woman in the 200 block of W. Union St. reported her neighbor was gone and the neighbor’s door was open. Officers made contact with the neighbor’s daughter in the house and everything was alright.

11:00 pm- A man reported someone used a credit card he had recently activated. While he was still at the station, he discovered he was the one who made the purchases.


1:15 pm -Northwoods Apartment manager reported a dog running loose in the area. Officer located the dog at Lee St. and Buckeye Lane where neighbors advised officer of owner in 500 block of Buckeye Lane, and he advised owner of leash law in village.

6:50 pm – Caller reported his ex-girlfriend would not allow him to say hello to her child in a car at Autozone and said she nearly hit him and another parked vehicle when she pulled away.


12:42 pm – A caller reported an elderly man laying in a ditch at Douglas and Chartwell Streets. Officer located the man, who said he had an argument with his daughter and left. He walked until his legs gave out. A deputy transported him home.

4:50 pm – Officer assisted and ODNR officer with a disorderly intoxicated person at Mt. Gilead State Park.

9:18 p.m. – Caller advised of an altercation in a vehicle in the Duke parking lot at 133 Iberia St. Officer located the owner of the car, who advised his son was acting up because his Ipad cover was broken. Officer spoke with the youth, who apologized.

9:59 pm – Officer responded to the 400block of Lee St after a 911 dispatcher advised she heard someone yell HELP during a call. Officer was unable to locate.

11:20 pm- A woman in the 500 block of Lee St. contacted the station requesting an officer speak with her neighbor who had been setting off fireworks. Officers spoke with the neighbor and advised him to stop, which he did.


12:19 am – A caller in the 500 block of Lee St. reported an alarm in the neighboring apartment had been ringing for about 3 hours. Officers made contact with the apartment residents, who said they had fallen asleep and did not hear the alarm.

3:00 am – Officer on N.Main St. cited and released Kevin Estel for one head light, drug paraphernalia and marijuana and Andrew Ruff for drug paraphernalia and marijuana.

6:40 pm – A man was cited for letting his dog run loose in the 400 block of Lee St.

7:20 pm – Assisted Cardington PD with an unruly male in 200 block of Gilead St.


8:23 pm – Officer made a well being check on a woman in the 100 block of S. Rich St who had been in an argument with a male in her house. The woman said everything was fine.


12:31 am – Assisted Morrow County EMS on an unresponsive person in the 300 block of S. Delaware St. The man was transported to Morrow County Hospital.

12:12 pm – A man in the 200 block of W. High St advised some money,prescription drugs and a cell phone were stolen.

1:32 pm – A man advised of vandalism at one of his rental properties on N. Walnut St.

4:09 pm – Caller reported her vehicle was struck by another vehicle at E.Marion and E.High Sts.

9:45 pm – Officer found front entrance door to MCH Primary Care unsecured. Building was cleared by an officer with a canine unit.


12:00 am – assisted Highway Patrol with accident in 200 block of S.Main St.

3:49 am – Officer found door at Subway unsecured.

9:06 am – Caller advised of a fallen tree limb on top of wires in the 400 block of N.Main St.

5:32 pm – Caller reported someone claiming to be an employee with Williams Seal Coating sealed her driveway. After completing the job, the man wanted $230.00 for payment. When she questioned he price, he asked if she would pay $100.00. The woman wrote him a check and he identified himself by name. After he drove away she called the sealing company and asked if the man worked for them. They said no, and this was the second incident that week. The woman called the bank and stopped payment on the check.

7:28 pm – A man in the 700 block of N.Main St. said three other men were yelling at and fighting with him. Officer spoke with the men and no one wanted to file charges.


1:10 am – Officer investigated a report of vandalism at the N. Cherry St. pool.

2:29 am – Officer found unsecured door at the Merchants Mall.

11:07 am – Manager of Mobile Home Park in the 700 block of N.Main St. asked that certain residents of the 600 block of N. Main St. be trespasses from the park. Police said they could not do that but could restrict them to the homes of the people they are visiting.

11:26 am – A man advised a battery was stolen from his vehicle while it was parked in the 100 block of S.Main St.

12:30 – A two vehicle minor accident occurred in the 200 block of N.Main St.

5:36 pm- A man reported someone entered his business in the 200 block of S.Delaware St. The door to the building was damaged.

6:55 pm – A person at a business in the 500 block of W.Marion Rd. reported two juveniles were hanging out in the bathroom there and the door was locked. Officers spoke with the pair and the young woman advised she pregnant and sick.

7:35 pm – A woman in the 400 block of S. Rich St reported a 2 gallon gas can was taken from her back yard and advised a number of thefts have occurred recently on that street.

10:58 pm – Officers made contact with the homeowner of an address a 911 hang up call came from. The resident in the 500 block of Buckeye Lane said she had not called 911.