Cardington sewer leaks discovered

By Evelyn Long - The Sentinel

CARDINGTON — Village Administrator Danny Wood gave a description at village council of the recent visit by R-CAP from the Ohio EPA whose sewer camera was used to study parts of the village’s sanitary sewer system as part of a demonstration.

The high-powered camera was taken to one man hole on the sanitary sewer line where it was dropped in to study sections for leaks. It was also taken to Water Street where “it looked great – good flowing water,” but they found two sewer laterals with significant water coming in. One was in front of an abandoned house.

He said it’s difficult to tell how many of these there are and noted the advantage of the camera in finding these leaks. If these could be found and fixed it would be a savings to the village, he said.

In other business:

• Repair of the sewer at the North Marion Street bridge has been completed with the sidewalk and pavement yet to be completed. This job will be completed under the budget of $35,000 and at this time the cost is $21,000.

• Council accepted the mayor’s and police chief’s recommendation of Megan Holzwart to the position of part-time police officer for the village. Mayor Peyton gave her the oath of office. She has been serving as an auxiliary officer.

• Chief Wallace said the department had taken a total of 52 calls last month 28 calls less than the same time last year and a total of 55 calls less for the year.

• Fire Chief Gary Goodman said the department has had 38 runs this year. He reported that the grant items have been received from the Breathing Air System and these include a compressor, fill stations and cascade cylinder bottles, and are all in service.

• He also said Marx radios from the grant are being placed in all squads by March 14 and later with all fire departments.

• Several pieces or legislation related to finances were approved and included payment of bills totaling $30,815.84.

• Two resolutions, one setting forth procedures with respect to the procurement and purchasing policy for the village that includes all aspects of purchasing including the required bidding processes for projects or assets that exceed a cost of $50,000. The second resolution includes all aspects of accounting including financial reconciliation and reports to council to grant compliance.

• A zoning report was distributed to council members that listed letters sent to residences regarding litter; pictures taken of litter and car violations and permits issued for various purposes.

• Mayor Susie Peyton said a photography business will soon open at 116 E. Main St. Owner is Melissa Ramsey of Mount Gilead.

By Evelyn Long

The Sentinel