Hidden in Plain Sight workshop coming to Cardington

Staff Report

Cardington-Lincoln School welcomes the Drug and Alcohol Awareness and Prevention committee to the school Thursday, Feb. 15, to host the first Hidden in Plain Sight parent training.

HIPS is a parent workshop to help parents be more aware and better informed about drug/alcohol experimentation use and abuse by their child. No other program similar to this exists in Morrow County.

The workshop is from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Cardington-Lincoln Middle School Library.

DAAP will help answer questions for parents such as “do you know popular hiding spots for drugs and alcohol; if your child is experimenting what do you do? how do you react to not make things worse; were there warning sings all along; how will this affect your child in the future and what can I do to prevent this from happening to my child and are middle school students actually using drugs and drinking alcohol?”

The DAAP program attempts to answer these questions and others and help parents feel more prepared, knowledgeable and at east when it comes to their child and the pressures of underage drinking and drug use.

All Cardington parents are welcome and each person who attends will receive an information packet as a reference for future questions. It will begin with information regarding statistics on drug and alcohol use in the area, as well as tips to communicate with their child if they are using or experimenting with drugs or alcohol.

Parents will also be able to explore a staged teenage bedroom to put their knowledge to the test and search for hidden drugs, alcohol, and warning signs hidden throughout the room.

Parents will learn popular hiding places, language, cell phone usage and warning signs that are indicators of drugs and/or alcohol consumption.

Caroline Denzer is the Cardington School Counselor for grades 7-8.

Further questions about this program can be addressed to Ashley Glass, DAAP coordinator, at 419-946-2009 ext 661.


Staff Report